Hidden Children of the Holocaust

The Concealed Ones


Thousands of children during the Holocaust were physically hidden in attics, barns, and cellars while others were hidden out in the open. The children that were in hiding needed to stay quiet so they were not found. The children that were hidden out in the open lead pretty normal lives.

Daily Life

Daily life for hidden children was much different than life was for hidden children living out in the open. Hidden children had to make up games to pass the time, share in chores, and had endless hours with nothing to do. Children living out in the open were able to go to school and church, and they also had friends to play with.

Hidden Under Different Religions

Thousands of children were protected by people that were not Jews. Catholic's hid children in their homes, schools, and orphanages. The children took on their daily way of life. Altogether, German Catholics, Belgian Catholics, Protestant, and Muslim families hid children during the Holocaust.


The death rate of children was around 89% to 94%, while the death rate of adult was 67%. Families gave their children to stangers and when they came back for them the children wanted to stay with their Holocaust family. Of the 4,000 to 6,000 children that survived the Holocaust, half became foster children.

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Nicholas Greaves