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SeedFolks rating

SeedFolks is a five-star book. It has many life lessons that could teach you a thing or two. Paul Fleischman has made a very enthusiastic book such as ZAP which was awarded Best Books for young adults. His books are very informative and you would love to read them. By the first chapter you would get hooked in the book. You should really read this book

Caption: This is the book that will encourage you to start helping the community you live in. Also it is a twisty and turny book that will bring you on your toes. This is a very amazing book you should read.

Life is Sweet & Good to Eat

The candy factory has invited you to our Annual Picnic. Hope You Enjoy!

We think this is a family factory. Without others to help us on, this wouldn't have happened so we have made a picnic for everyone.

There will be beverages, food, games, rides, and more. Especially candy!

Who, Why, Where, When

Time: April 21 10am-8pm

Where: Life Is Sweet Candy Factory

Sponsored by- Mr and Mrs.Sweet and the Candy Factory