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What you’re Allowed To Eat In Phase 1 Of The South Beach Diet

If you’re tired of all the different kinds of diets out there because they don’t seem to work, you should definitely give the South Beach Diet a shot. Dr. Arthur Agatson, a well-known cardiologist conceived the South Beach diet. The diet works in an effective and healthy manner. It eliminates the unwanted carbohydrates and fats in your daily diet thus helps you lose the extra pounds. The diet is said to have three phases and out of all of them, phase 1 is said to be the most important one. The first phase lasts for two weeks and a person is said to lose most of the unwanted pounds in this phase.

Essentially, in the first phase of the South Beach Diet, you are let to eat all the meats – beef, ham, turkey, chicken and seafood. You are also encouraged to eat lots of vegetables, nuts, eggs, garden salad and cheese. Use 100% olive oil for all the dressing. There will be three balanced meals on each day of the two weeks. In addition to this, you can eat one mid-morning snack between breakfast and lunch and one mid-afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. The best thing about this diet is that it doesn’t involve skipping any meals!

So here’s a broad range of foods you are allowed to eat in phase 1 of the South Beach Diet:

Protein: There is a good amount of proteins and fats included in your diet in this phase. As said earlier, you are allowed to eat meals provided you remove the visible fatty portions. If you want to include seafood in your diet you can pick smoked salmon, swordfish, shellfish and tuna. Other protein rich food you can eat are soy-based meat substitutes, eggs and nuts. Of course, all of this should be consumed in a healthy quantity.

Vegetables: You are allowed all vegetables except carrots, corn, yam, beets and potatoes. You can eat veggies fresh, frozen or boiled provided none of it has added sugar.

Fruits: There are no fruits allowed in Phase 1 of the South Beach diet. It is introduced gradually after the first phase is over. Curtail those late night fruit cravings in the first phase of the diet.

Dairy: You can consume any dairy product like cheese, butter, milk or yogurt provided you buy the fat free or low fat version. Usually, they come in 1% variants. Also, ensure they do not have added sugars in them. In this phase, you could try alternatives like soymilk.

Beverages: If you’re a coffee person, you might want to limit consumption of coffee or tea for two servings a day. You could switch to decaffeinated coffee as an alternative. The first phase completely disallows any form of alcohol. However, as you progress to the second phase, wine is introduced.

While on the South Beach diet, you should not skip any meal during the day. Make sure you eat all three meals and the two mid-day snacks. You will feel full throughout the day without any hunger pangs. Steer away from over eating as for best results moderate quantity must be taken.

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South Beach Diet

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