Justin Bieber!!

The cutest boy ever!

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His Dream

 As a young boy, Justin Bieber has always loved to sing and play lots of instruments. In his movie he said that his mom would always tell him to "Believe".

The day he met Usher

One day Justin was in a parking lot and he saw this other car and guess who got out of the car? Usher did! Justin went up to him and gave him a demo of his cd. Usher took him to the studioand he listened to it. He said "I Like it". And thats how it became the best day of his life.The best day of my life would be if I met Justin Bieber.

His Big Movie Break

Justin Bieber got a movie deal . It was about how he lives his life, and the ups and downs of being a celebrity. It also showed that whatever everybody was saying about him, he didn't care he still did what he believed in