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Tangible assets for Saving, Wealth Generation and Retirement Planning


▪ Wealth Builders Network was founded in March of 2005 in San Diego, California

▪ A full service provider of true Financial Information, Education, and Training


▪ Empower you with our Wealth Building financial information utilizing our highly sought after Educational Workshops, our Training System, and our unique TARRP Compensation Program.


▪ To share with you an alternative strategy, utilizing Tangible Assets for Saving, Wealth Generation, and Retirement Planning for you and your family.

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Referred by: Kathy Maufas Email address: maufas.kathy@yahoo.com

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Strategies, Info and Scheduled Trainings

Leader’s Training
Every Monday
Mr. Richard Thompson

7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST

PH: 530.881.1212

Access Code: 639.528.420

Corporate Training
Every Tuesday
Mr. Richard Thompson
7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST

PH: 530.881.1212

Access Code: 639.528.420

Back Office Training and Updates
Every Saturday
10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST

PH: 530.881.1212

Access Code: 639.528.420


My Story


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I began my entrepreneurial career at the age of seven selling lemonade to neighbors and passersby. Something about having my own money felt good and I could buy my own toys. Soon, I graduated to selling other things like rocks I collected at the beach and painted for “door stops”. I did pretty good at that, made a whopping thirty-six dollars. For a kid that was big bucks.

In high school my interests soon turned to sports and I was on the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman. Whoo hoo, made it to the top, I was big time! Well, after four years of rah-rah sis boom bah I realized cheer leading would not be a career for me.


Fast-forward, in 2003 while working for a world-renowed healthcare company, the corporate office right-sized positions back to the corporate office. All of us, excluding the Vice President were laid off. My tenure ended after almost eight years of dedicated service. Aha, light bulb moment #1….”having a JOB” is not security! I received a nice severance package and decided to have a ball that summer. No cares, no worries…just fun. Not a good move, but hey I was living in the moment. I would pay the price down the road.

I was introduced to precious metals and the importance of having them as tangible assets late summer of 2003. However, there did not seem to be a “collapse” that I could feel (right!) and I was not worried. So, I carried on having a ball (wish you could see me shaking my head now). Within a year, I was back to work and wha-la doing well and wouldn’t you know it, BAM!!! another lay-off in 2010. Over five years in the Real Estate business and again a "life change". This time the experience was much different. This is where it hit hard and I had my 2nd “Aha, only this time it was a flood light moment” – the government in which I paid taxes over many years had nothing in place to assist me a single women, no children, never married and making what they call "too much money" plus at the tender young age of 58.

Ok, enough is enough I have had it! Being an avid reader, attending numerous seminars, conferences and such I heard way too many times that due to the economy it is best to have your own HOME BASED-BUSINESS. Darn, there goes those lights again. Instead of refuting the “brillant” signs, signals and tugs in my spirit I listened. Set to do something different to get different results. People perish for the lack of knowledge (Job 36:12; Prov. 5:23; Prov. 10:21; , and I am determined to not perish.


Social Media (Facebook) opened up the opportunity for me to meet someone very special, Pam Hurst, who introduced me to Wealth Builders Network Educational Services (WBNES). Yep, it’s a mouthful, but a good one! Remember, in 2003 precious metals was presented to me AND I DID NOTHING with the information. This time, I knew that another opportunity presented itself and I better take action! I am eternally grateful to Pam and for the education, tools and systems put in place by WBNES. I am able to share with family, friends and you to take a step in faith and protect your future!

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