Benefits of Pesticide Use

By- Grace Hickman, Steven Martone and Alex Hecht

The Reason why we need pesticide

Every day crops die from caterpillars, and other plant eating insects, however we have found a way to prevent this total disaster. We have discovered the art of pesticides. We pesticide everyday to prevent total crop failure in the US, but the pesticides do come with cons.


Most people think of pesticides in a negative light because of some of its cons

- direct impact of humans

-Impact through food commodities

-impact on environment

-surface water contamination-

- and of course soil contamination

However no one really thinks of the Pros

Pesticide Visuals

we still need them


It's time for the most important part the pros...

-improving porductivity

-Protection of crops

-Vector disease control

-Quality of food

-More food = more money= money for charity

Thoose are the pros that people tend not to think about so the next time you go to riot against pesticides remember the pros.