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By AJ and Jisela


vocanos are drdaise Beacus the Vocanos are hot and One day the Vocanos are going to esplod. and it is going to Flod are cilty and we are going have to move to a now home . do you know thirs a lots of vocanos.I thik thir 100 vocanons. vocanons are hot.vocanons are vary tall.Do you know that vocanos are at the beach          

fun at six flags

DIARY of a wimpy kid DOG DAYS

DIARY of a wimpy kid is a book war a kid that gets in up to cuble.He weats to stay  in side ole smmur then he chajd his minde he jowyd the country clab but his mom didint wunt him to go o the counry clab.She wuntid him to go to the tawn pol then Raly came to play at his house.