Longhorn Stampede

(For 12/14/20 -12/17/20) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

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LSE 3rd Grade Christmas Virtual Concert 2020


Tuesday, 12/15 - Pajama Day

Wednesday, 12/16 - Classroom Holiday Celebrations

Wednesday, 12/16 - Early Release (1:00 pm)

Thursday, 12/17 - Early Release (1:00 pm

Friday, 12/18 - Monday, 1/4 - Student Holidays

7 Habits at Home: Habit 4 - Think Win-Win: Balancing Courage and Consideration

Creating an environment of win-win thinking is a result of balancing courage and consideration. It takes courage to share our ideas and beliefs while still considering the ideas and beliefs of one another. Being right is not always the goal. Approaching each other with a win-win attitude means all ideas and feelings are considered and compromise is often key. The courage to work together leads to a positive place for families to grow and support each other while being heard and understood.

Great Books to Read with Your Family:

  • Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

  • Dragon Stew by Tom McGowen

Nurse Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

I am personally watching the unfair fighting tactics this novel microbe. Two of "my people" have been flipped over and held down by The Rona. However, they are NOT tapping out! They are learning some new Mixed Martial Arts techniques to fight back! I am working from home while in exposure quarantine and leaving hot soup, Gatorade, and Tylenol by the bedroom door of isolated family. It is so much harder than I ever imagined not to hug and touch. My heart breaks in a new felt way for all the people isolated in hospitals while so very ill.

The CDC, Texas Education Agency, and MISD have shortened the quarantine guidelines for exposure to the virus. The person with the virus still must isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms OR positive Covid test. Anyone in close contact with that person 48 hours prior to onset of symptoms/ positive test must quarantine 10 days OR 7 days IF negative Covid test on or after day # 5. Clinic web page has links to CDC and TEA with more details.

Due to my absence the end of this week, we could not finish scoliosis screening for our 10 yr old girls. We will complete it next week or in January. Clinic web page has link to TX Dept of State Health Services for any more info about this requirement.



Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse


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