RRHS - Accessing Your Classes

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP - Online Verification Process for Parents

In order for parents and students to completely access ParentVue, StudentsVue and LCPSGo, the verification process must be completed by parents. This is done through the ParentVue Portal (not the ParentVue App) and the directions will walk you through each step.

Additional step by step directions may be found here.

Once completed, students will have access to the Apps needed in order to start up successfully.


Email jackie.sanabria@lcps.org

First Day of School!

The First Day of School for students is Tuesday, September 8th, and it is an A Day. The Day starts with Advisory at 9:00AM.


On Tuesdays-Friday, the day starts with Advisory from 9:00-9:20AM and attendance for the day is taken in Advisory Class.

Bell Schedule

Please see below as every week has the same pattern.

Monday - Asynchronous practice, teacher collaboration, planning and office hours.

Tuesday - A Day

Wednesday - A Day

Thursday - B Day

Friday - B Day

Accessing Classes

Test this out before the first day:

1. Log in to LCPSGO

2. Click on the Schoology App

3. Click on Courses Tab (verify that this matches your schedule).

4. The Meet code will also be under Courses Tab.

Class Attendance

Advisory - Attendance is taken for the day in Advisory at 9:00AM.

Daily Classes - Attendance and tardies are taken in each class.

Learning Lab - Learning Lab is at the end of each block and is designed to provide additional support upon the request of the teacher/student. This could be guided homework or additional clarification of material.

Study Hall - Students are expected to check in to Study Hall on time and may leave to get additional supports as needed.

Google Meets Reminder

Outside accounts are not automatically allowed into our LCPS meets. This is a security feature. Teachers are able to admit non-LCPS users, but it is not recommended that they do that unless they can verify the identity.

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Readiness and Supplies

Students, for the first week of school, begin the routine of waking early, getting breakfast and being ready to participate.

Print out your schedule, the bell schedule and lay it out.

Bring basic supplies for the first week - a journal or spiral, pens and pencils and your organizational calendar.

Participation Standards

Please review the following links from the LCPS webpage. Below are brief summaries of some of the content.

Student Code of Conduct Summary:

1. Adhere to SB Policy 8210 - Appropriate Use of the Internet.

2. Abide by the Code of Conduct.

3. Remain Respectful, courteous and polite.

4. Google Meets may not be recorded or photographed.

5. Honor Code is in place.

Staff and Student Participation Summary:

1. Classes will be recorded.

2. Cameras may be used flexibly - it is recommended to use "Background Blur".

3. Students will be monitored at all times - even in "breakout rooms".

4. Staff will remain professional in demeanor and attire.

5. Staff will leave the Google Meet last.

Campus Visitors

LCPS campuses are still closed with exceptions. If you have arranged to meet with a staff member, please adhere to safety guidelines by wearing a mask and signing in at the main office. Please complete the Screening Form if you plan to enter the building at RRHS.