Holi Festival

Learn and see what the holi Festival is all about.

Devel must be burned.

Like many religious springtime holidays, Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, the end of winter, the start of spring, and serves as a time for reflection, forgiveness, and renewal.

It is also a huge a party and begins the night before Holi with a Holika dahan, or bonfire.

What is it

Holi celebration begins with lighting up of bonfire on the Holi eve. Numerous legends & stories associated with Holi celebration makes the festival more exuberant and vivid. People rub 'gulal' and 'abeer' on each others' faces and cheer up saying, "bura na maano Holi hai". Holi also gives a wonderful chance to send blessings and love to dear ones wrapped in a special Holi gifts.
Holi, India's EPIC Color Festival - Vrindivan, India