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September 2021 Edition

The Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA)

The Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA) Program invites families and community members to visit our Family and Community Resource Center at the Learning Center in Hazelwood. The program is excited to offer a diverse collection of materials, including many new books that are ready to be shared.

PEDA will be hosting the Parent Leadership Institute (PLI) this fall. The program, which is offered at no cost to participants, is designed for parents and family members who are the educational decision makers for a child with a disability. The three sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, Sept. 29, and Oct. 6, 2021, at SSD Central Office, 12110 Clayton Road, 63131. To learn more about this program and/or to apply to be a part of it, please visit this link: Link to Application

Follow this link for more information Parent Education & Diversity Awareness Program / Parent Leadership Institute (

PEDA is also happy to announce that there will be a second PLI in the Spring of 2022. They will be announcing the dates in the near future.

Virtual Lunch and Learn Series for SSD Families and Stakeholders.

Special School District’s Family and Community Outreach, Social Work, Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA) and Communications departments have teamed up to offer a virtual Lunch & Learn series for SSD families and stakeholders. The series, which will involve community organizations sharing information about their work, will take place on the first Wednesday of each month during the 2021-22 school year, from 11:30 AM - Noon.

Representatives from nine community organizations will participate in order to increase awareness about their agency and make connections with those in our SSD community who may benefit from their programs and services.

Organizations represented in the Lunch & Learn series include:

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MORE INFORMATION: If your child(ren) are interested in participating, please visit The external link is: Please complete registration by Friday, September 24. Participants will be partnered up with a member of the KHS football team, cheer team, dance squad, pep nation or band. The partner student will be with your child throughout the event.

All participants and their families are invited to the pre-game pizza dinner which is sponsored by the Kirkwood School District Foundation.

Questions? Please contact please contact Cheri Nienhaus: or April Curtis:


Often times the start of a new school year can bring an increased feeling of anxiety for families and students. It’s normal for families to have a tough time transitioning themselves when their kids begin kindergarten, move on to the next grade, or transition to a new school. For many families, they are experiencing the loss of some control. It is important for families to remember they can’t control experiences and stress for their kids. Instead, she says families should be focused on helping their kids understand how they feel, talk it through, and learn how to cope with whatever’s going on. There are a number of ways that families and children can manage the stress that can come with the start of a new school year:

  • *Differentiate stress from stressors. Stressors are what activates the stress response in your body. Stressors can be anything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, or imagine could do you harm. Stress is the neurological and physiological shift that happens in your body when you encounter one of these threats. The stress response = fight / flight / freeze.

  • *Just because you’ve dealt with the stressor doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with the stress itself.

  • *The key is to “complete the stress cycle” - i.e. to remove stress from the body in ways that work for YOU. Below are the 7 evidence-based strategies for completing the stress cycle

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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is an open invitation from Special School District (SSD) to tell us what’s on your mind.​Let’s Talk is an easy way to submit feedback at your convenience directly to the SSD staff member who can help.

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