Keenan Media Center Updates

Spring 2014 - Issue 3

The Big Snow in Columbia, SC Delays RIF

Keenan's first RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) distribution had to be postponed because of the snow. The make-up day for the first distribution is being moved to May, a month that is jammed packed with exams and graduation preparations. Our second distribution (which was actually our first distribution) was held as scheduled on March 5 and 6. Our theme: Music in Our Schools Month. The band and the chorus were scheduled to play during our distributions, but the band was not able to be make it. Mrs. Forbes rose to the occasion and was able to bring some of her chorus students to perform for our students!

The students seemed to be very happy with the selection of books and I seem to be getting better at choosing books that appeal to them.

Author Visit: Charles Elias-Baker and Katrina Baker

Charles Elias-Baker and Katrina Baker, authors of the book The Story of Vivian Jackson: Forty Years of Silence, were invited by the Media Center staff to celebrate Black History Month/African American Read-In Month with Keenan's facutly, staff and students. The book is a semi-fictional account of the life of Mr. Baker's mother.

I first met the Bakers on December 7, 2013 at their book signing at the Richland Library's First Local Author Showcase . I attended their Official Book Release Party and Book Signing on January 7, 2014 at the SC Department of Archives and History. After talking with the Bakers and their publisher, we settled on February 21, 2014 as the date for the Bakers to visit Keenan to talk about their book.

The Bakers are the parents of Ashley Vivian Baker, 10th grade Keenan student and Gabriel Baker, third grade student at Arden Elementary School. Ashley Vivian dedicated the song "Lately" to her grandmother. The song was played during the entrance and exist of students at the two assemblies held that day. ("Lately" is available for download from your favorite App store).

The response to presentation was overwhelming with students, faculty and staff visiting the media center to meet the Bakers, take pictures, and to purchase signed copies of their book. A signed copy of The Story of Vivian Baker: Forty Years of Silence is available for viewing in the the media center. Circulating copies are on back order.

Those of us who have read the book, anxiously await the sequel to: The Story of Vivian Jackson: Forty Years of Silence!

Video Conferencing Continues with JP Thomas

Mrs. Stroman's teacher cadets continue the tradition of reading to the students at JP Thomas Elementary School. Mrs. Gregory and I collaborate on the dates and themes for each video conference. The video conferences take place on the average of once per month. March's theme: Read Across America aka Dr. Seuss's Birthday.

So You Want to Be a School Media Specialist?

Rising senior Tyson Hunter, shadowed me for a day to get a feel for what it is like to be a school media specialist. Tyson is one of our regulars in the media center and he also participates in the Sebco Book Student Review Program.

Tyson had to unpack several boxes of new books, verify that all the books were received, and then stamp the books to get them ready to be placed on the shelf. He also attended our monthly Technology Training with Jacquetta Morrison, held in the media center lab. This month's topic was Google Drive (currently blocked for students). Job shadowing is part of the junior research project at Keenan.

FREE Pick-up of E-Waste Recycling

For information and to schedule a FREE pick-up of toners and ink jet cartridges, contact Jeff Benson at 803-414-8579 or email him at: A free recycle box will be provided.

FYI: A recycling box for toners and ink jet cartridges is available in the media center.

W. J. Keenan High School

Brenda L Boyd, Information Technology Specialist

Pamela James, Media Assistant

Jacquetta Morrison, Technology Educator

Alvin D. Pressley, Principal