Don't be afraid to be yourself.

Act against bullying, What can we do?

Schools everywhere try to prevent bullying but it's not only at school anymore it has progressed into something more. It's online, it's in your community and it's even in the work place. Anyone can stop bullying really but with this act it give more of an extra protection. People who are getting bullied don't really realize there are people who care and sometimes they do not know where to turn. This act is to add more places for someone to go, to give people that knowledge that it will get better. Consequences should be higher , help should be more introduced and the end of bullying should come. Even if bullying never ends at least there will be more places for people to get help instead of hold it in.

The who, what, how and why.

Who: Anyone can get bullied for being different and anyone can bully someone .

What: It's power, using ones strength, popularity or access of embarrassing information. Bullying has several different definitions.

How: It can happen anywhere: online, at school, at work even in your community.

Why: Differences is what makes someone vulnerable of being bullied. There are various different reasons on why someone gets bullied.

Roosevelt High School GSA Anti-Bullying Video

The ones who taken their lives due to bullying.

Not everyone goes to suicide but there are more then the ones above, some people tolerate the bullying and let it continue. You don't have to let it continue, you can end it. You can put a stop to it, by letting this act pass will give people more of the power to help themselves and get the help to end bullying. To cope with bullying to put it simple, to give them something more to look forward to.