Passionate About Pasta?

Come work at the Pasta Palace!

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Our restaurant sells the best variety of pastas in town.


We've got whatever kind you can think of! Macaroni, spaghetti, rotini, linguini, fettuccine, lasagna, mostaccioli... Any type of straight, ribbon, or twisted pasta you'd like.

Which means that... You should work here! Want to know why?

Employees Food Perks:

If you work full time, you get...

  • Free breakfast!
  • Free lunch!
  • Free dinner!
However long you work, you get...
  • Snacks whenever you want
  • 60% discount on meal when eating with friends or family

Other Perks for Employees:

Because our employees are so amazing...

  • Use of social networking and portable devices is encouraged
  • Free WiFi
  • Employees of the month get all meals (including ones with big groups of family or friends) free!
  • Unlimited amount of sick days/random off days
  • Still get paid on sick days
  • Overtime pay
There is no reason to click this.

But it's pretty awesome.