Mustang Minute

April 10, 2020

***Remote Learning March 30-April 30***


Parents: What we are being asked to do is not humanly possible. There is a reason we are either a working parent, a stay-at-home parent, or a part-time working parent.

Working, parenting, and teaching are three different jobs that cannot be done at the same time.

It's not hard because you are doing it wrong. It's hard because it's too much. Do the best you can.

When you have to pick, because at some point you will, choose connection. Pick playing a game over arguing about an academic assignment. Pick teaching your child to do laundry rather than feeling frustrated that they aren't helping. Pick laughing, and snuggling, and remind them that they are safe.

If you are stressed, lower your expectations where you can and virtually reach out for social connection. We are in this together to stay well. That means mentally well, too.

Emily W. King, Ph. D.


  • Teacher Communication (NEW)
  • Grading (NEW)
  • 2nd Grade Material Pick-Up (NEW)
  • Zoom (NEW)
  • Message from Mr. Gorr (NEW)
  • Read to Succeed
  • Optional Challenges

Teacher Communication

Our learning packets are designed so that families can be flexible to each family's schedules and circumstances. We know many families do the activities at night or even on weekends. Yet, be aware that the teachers will do their best to respond to questions in a timely manner. We do not expect our teachers to be available 24/7 to answer emails and we want them to continue to have family time on weekends and nights. As we continue to work together during this historic time, we know everything will improve as we work through the obstacles we encounter.

One of our main focus points for our educators and students is having a “growth mindset”. A growth mindset unlocks our ability to learn and grow especially during challenging times. Little did we know how important this growth mindset would be for all of us this year! Because of this experience and our growth mindset, I believe we all will be stronger when we come out on the other side of the COVID-19 Pandemic! History is being written! We hold the pen! Together, we will write the BEST story for our children!


The Illinois State Board of Education has recommended that schools use Pass/Incomplete for assessing students during our Remote Learning period. We will our best to provide learning for our students, but we also do not want any of these activities to negatively harm their academic status.

Teachers will continue to provide feedback to students on their work and grades will now be documented as Pass or Incomplete. A decision has not been made yet about our 3rd Trimester Report Cards, but we will keep you updated when we make our decisions.

2nd Grade Material Pick Up

We would like our 2nd graders to pick up their math workbooks for future use. We will hold a pick up on Monday, April 13th from 8AM-12PM. We will provide curbside service. Just pull up, state your child's name and homeroom teacher, and we will bring out the materials for you.


Zoom is a video conferencing program our teachers will be using with students during Remote Learning. Teachers will first notify you if and when a zoom meeting with take place. Once a date and time are determined, students will receive an email (on their iPad) with the link to use to start the Zoom meeting. Once a student clicks on the link, the Zoom App will be opened to start the video. Below are a few videos to show you how this will work. We have also included a guidance document using Zoom.

The Zoom App will be available from 8:00AM -5:00PM on weekdays.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, myself, or the tech department.

****Allowing students to use the Zoom platform is a privilege and is safe for students to use if they follow the rules. However, Zoom can be used by students in unhealthy ways. Parents must be aware that students can initiate a Zoom conference through their iPad with any other student on our network, or anyone else if they invite from the outside. We don't yet have the ability to limit this option. Please monitor any Zoom conferences that your children participate in, and we strongly recommend keeping iPads out of students' bedrooms overnight.

We ask that any Zoom meeting being done with a student should have a parent present in the room.

Special Message from Mr. Gorr

Please read a letter from Mr. Gorr (See Below). The letter addresses our upcoming music concerts. Also, we want o to provide some videos of him reading. Enjoy!

Read to Succeed

The Six Flags Read to Succeed program is still in full swing! Any reading your MES student does at home will count towards earning a FREE ticket to Great America this summer. Students who participate must read a minimum of 6 hours, and are able to earn bonus rewards and coupons to use at the park if they read more than 6 hours. Simply go to and set up your child's account by entering his/her teacher's unique code. All minutes/hours will need to be entered by April 17th. Six Flags will then email the free ticket directly to parents in May. If you have any questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher or Renee Marasco at

Parent Resources