Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade - Week 15 12/06/15


MATH: We will be continuing with multiplication, word problems, and mastering our times tables. Later in the week and into next week, we will be starting to work on area.

READING: Next week we will be looking at fables and working on summarizing skills, comparing/contrasting, and comprehension skills.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be finishing off the branches of the government activities. Due to music practices, we will not have time to start the next part of our unit.

** Homework - Please sign your child's agenda on a daily basis to show that your child has completed that night's homework. I expect homework to be turned in on time. Every Monday we write all the homework in our agenda so we know when it is due in. Also, please try and let your child do the homework by themselves, but then check it over with them. We go through homework every day so the children are aware of how they should answer the questions.


On Monday, the children will be doing a Math benchmark test. This is for us to see where the children are at with their learning and give us a focus for after Christmas. Please let your child know this is nothing to worry about. They should try their best and show us what they have learned.

On Tuesday, the children will be doing a Reading benchmark test. Again, this will just inform us where the children are at.


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The Penguin Patch opens on Monday. Please send in money with your child if they wish to visit the shop. You may send money in at any point. Our slot is Friday, but I will send small groups of children throughout the week also. I will keep your child's money safe. Just pop it in their agenda and I will keep it until they need to spend it.


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We began testing the children on the Read to Achieve portfolios. It is going well and the children are trying super hard with their selections. This will continue until all 12 standards have been covered.


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This year will be doing our holiday party a bit differently. During the week beginning 13th December, we will be doing some crafts and making gifts for parents/grandparents etc. We will also be wrapping the items the children buy at the Penguin Patch and decorating the classroom.

On the Friday, we will be playing some 'British' inspired party games and will watch a film with popcorn. I think the children will have a great last week before the holidays.

If you have any cool ideas for crafts and activities we can do during that week, please send me an email! I am always open to new ideas.


Each week your child meets with me in a guided read group. I will set your child an activity to do during the week which will need to be completed by the next time we meet.

A few children are not being responsible for their guided read books and are leaving them at home. Or they are not completing the activities. These activities help to build on the skills we are learning in class and will help them throughout the year. Please encourage your child to be responsible for getting their work done and brought into school on time.

Thank you


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There is still time to pay the $25 deposit for Camp Thunderbird.

If you know your child will not be attending, please sign the form and return it so we can plan ahead.


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I am looking for some volunteers to come in and make some Christmas presents with the children. We will be making our own holiday coasters. I could really use some help with this so I can continue teaching and the children can make these in small groups with a parent volunteer. If this is something you could help with, please send me a quick email so we can arrange a day and time. These are really cool gifts that will need wrapping once done! Thank you so much!!

25 Book Challenge

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Thank you for those of you who signed the book challenge sheet. This is beginning this week and I really hope your child participates in this challenge!!


Please save your box tops and turn them in at any point during the term!

There was a much better collection of box tops this time! Thank you so much to everyone who brought them in. The next collection will be December 11th.

Thank you again for supporting our school.


12.07.15-12.16.15 = Holiday store opens

12.09.15 = Hour of code

12.10.15 = Music Production @ 6:30pm

12.11.15 = Spelling bee @ 9am

12.11.15 = Box Tops due

12.15.15 = Sweet Frog spirit night

12.16.15 = Wonderful Wednesday holiday luncheon - Still in need of a volunteer to cover