Running Club

General Information


This is the fourth year of our running club program. We are excited to get started on Wednesday, September 24. Running Club students will come to the cafeteria at the 3:10 bell and sit by grade level. Students will eat a snack while taking attendance and journal writing. We head outside by 3:30. Students must be picked up by 4:20 in our car rider line.


Fuel for the body and mind...

Students are allowed to eat a snack in the cafeteria while we take attendance and students write in their journals. If they choose to bring a snack, please make sure it is healthy. Great choices are bananas, apples, carrots, dried fruit, trail mix, granola bars, and crackers. Water is the preferred beverage but on extremely hot days, sports drinks are acceptable. Candy should not be sent as a snack and students will not be allowed to eat it during running club.


Students should come to school dressed in their running club attire. Please be sure your children are wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. Jeans are not appropriate attire for physical exercise. Students should wear light clothes in both weight and color during the warmer months. When the weather starts to get cooler, sweatpants and sweatshirts will be necessary. Please keep in mind that proper footwear is essential for physical activity. Shoes worn in sports require a tightly laced strap or strings to provide stability. Please don't feel like you have to buy a new pair of expensive running shoes. We just ask that you make sure your child's running shoes are comfortable, supportive, and have enough wiggle room in the toes.


Electronic games, cell phones, iPods or any type of trading cards are not permitted out during running club. Please leave toys at home so students can focus on learning running strategies and will be able to hear the staff volunteers give directions. We want to make sure we are promoting healthy, active behaviors and that we get the most out of our time with your children.

Toe Tags for Miles

I will be keeping track of the miles students complete at running club. In addition to counting our running club miles, students will be given a paper every week to log miles that they ran or walked at home. Parents must sign at the bottom to verify the miles and dates are correct and students will return the paper to me every Wednesday. Since we are working on improving distance/speed with the activity of running/walking, miles from other sports or activities (walking while site-seeing on vacations) should not be included in the total. Students will be given a different colored toe tag for every 15 miles logged. Their progress will be tracked on the wall outside the gym as well.