World Religons, Confucianism

By:Nicholas Currie


The virtue Ren is the most important belief in Confucianism.

Ren means humaneness. Humaneness can be defined as the quality of compassion for others, which can include both people and animals. Three of the key concepts of Ren are love, mercy, and humanity. (

People believe in this belief system because it is what they were raised into, elected to join because they think it is logical, or because they wanted to be with friends.

It is a belief system, rather then a religion, because they don't believe in an almighty heavenly power.


The Value of friendship

by: Confucius

On the hill-side the trees they fell,
All working with good-will
I labor too, with equal zeal.
And the host's part fulfill.
Spirits I've set in order meet,
The dishes stand in rows.
The guests are here; no vacant seat
A brother absent shows.

This poem is about the value of friendship, which is one of the key beliefs in Confucianism.

Current events and extremism

In Confucianism, there isn't extremism because this is a peaceful belief system and because the creator, Confucius, taught them not to be extremist.

Currently, as of 2008, Confucianism is making a tentative comeback in China. It was squashed in the Cultural revolution, which was made to get rid of the old ideas to "further strengthen China." Now it is slowly increasing in numbers which is very significant because this is something very important to Chinese culture.


Tian is the main heavenly power in Confucianism. Tian is the god of cosmos, nature, and is the source of reality. The following photo is the symbol of Tian.
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