The Cheetah

The Fastest Land Animal

Introducing the Cheetah!

Hi, It's Mallory Malinowski back at Animal Area! Today I'm doing a very interesting animal, the cheetah! Although many people think it's the fastest animal on Earth, they're wrong. It IS the fastest land animal, though. I'm going to feed your minds on the cheetah's diet, details, and on how it's so fast. Put your excitement caps on, and let's take off to Cheetah Chaos!

Where Cheetahs Live and What They Eat!

Cheetahs live in sub-Saharan Africa, eastern and western African parks, southern Algeria, and northern Niger and Iran The very meaty diet on a cheetah's shopping list are gazelles, wildebeest calves, impalas, rabbits/ hares, birds, antelopes, warthogs, and other small, hoofed animals in it's environment.

The Cheetah from Head to Toe!

There are many unique traits the cheetah has. One of them is their camouflage. Their fur is like the color of the savanna's dead grass. Also, if you look closely at the cheetah's face, you'll see black lines that come from the corner of the eye and almost to the corners of their mouth. These are called tear-marks. They have the same purpose as football players, to keep direct sunlight out of their eyes. Cheetahs also have a big and fluffy spot on the back of the ears that look like eyes. So when a hyena is looking for cheetah cubs, the mother will stay alert and keep her head up so it'll look like she's watching him.
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Not Exactly Safe

These amazing animals have slim had slick bodies. That way, they run faster. But it also means they're weak. Most cheetahs escape attacks by lions and hyenas. But some come back from hunting carrying meat that the carnivores are attracted to. The tired cheetahs are enjoying their meal until another animal battles for it. Soon, the cheetahs become the meal. Also, small and helpless baby cheetahs are an easy target, too. But mothers usually hide their cubs while they go hunting. Some animals find them before the mother. Even other cheetahs kill their kind. Like in a battle for meat, territory, or other cheetahs.

Speedy Cheetahs

Many people say," I want to be as fast as a cheetah!" Well, what you will need is