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Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi

(#BLM Founders)

What is the #BLM Movement all about?

The #BlackLivesMatter movement began in 2012 after the death of Trayvon Martin. His murderer, George Zimmerman was freed from his crime, thus sparking a realization of the flaws in the U.S. criminal justice system. Black lives are being systematically oppressed and targeted, resulting in discontent within the black community in America, and becoming a political issue that the candidates have to deal with in their campaign.

Why is the #BlackLivesMatter movement so controversial?

The statement "Black Lives Matter" challenges the idea that ALL lives should matter in America, upsetting the "equality" that has been established in the nation. In other words, many non-blacks feel that it is unfair that this movement is only aimed for black people.
"Blue Lives Matter"

The five deaths of police officers in Dallas Texas sparked a major controversy with the policies of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This event pointed many fingers that the movement, saying that it promotes the idea of violence against the law.

Donald Trump on racial tensions in America

What is Donald Trump's plan?

Trump plans on rallying up more spirit in the country to ease the racial tension that is occurring in America. Instead of having a "divider" as a president, referring to Obama, there needs to be a "cheerleader". Trump declares himself as the law and order candidate of this election and he wants to "Make America Safe Again" from the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He states that the term "Black Lives Matter" is divisive and is continuing to divide America. Trump blames the improper training of the police as a factor to the deaths of many black lives and plans on improving their training regime when it comes to these type of situations.
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"The fact is all lives matter. That includes black and it includes white and it includes everybody else." -Donald Trump to Bill O'Reilly (Fox News Interview)

The Republican View

Many conservatives feel that the term "Black Lives Matter" is too isolating (for blacks themselves) and accusatory (towards non-blacks). Thus, they do not feel that the movement is actually looking for reformation within the criminal justice system, but rather a reason to be physically resistant against the law enforcement. An approach to counteract this problem would be to change the name of the movement to #AllLivesMatter. As for reformations in favor of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Republicans would push for pro-black but also pro-law enforcement solutions.
Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter | EXCLUSIVE | Part 2 | GOOD

What is Hillary Clinton's plan?

Clinton is really pushing towards reforms to appeal to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. She plans on changing the policy of the police and the American criminal justice system. Clinton wants non-blacks to realize the barriers that black people have to face everyday, and wants to strengthen the trust between blacks and the law enforcement by creating “Common sense reforms like ending racial profiling, providing better training on de-escalation and implicit bias, and supporting municipalities that refer the investigation and prosecution of police-involved deaths to independent bodies.” The mothers of the victims who were killed by police shootings support Clinton and are standing by her during her campaign.
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"At the end of the day, we could do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more opportunities for people who deserve to have them, to live up to their own God-given potential.” -Hillary Clinton to the Boston chapter of #BlackLivesMatter

The Democratic View

Democrats want the support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. They feel that black voices should be heard in America, and that justice should be administered equally and fairly. However, recently information was leaked stating that the democratic party viewed the movement as radical, but were quick to cover up their statement. To the Democrats, the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a bit out of hand, but also indispensable towards their campaign.

The Green Party

Candidate Jill Stein has been working with parts of the #BlackLivesMatter movement during her campaign.

"We need to challenge power if we are to really create change."

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Jill Stein - Black Lives Matter

The Libertarian Party

"All lives do matter, but when it comes to whites, guess what? We're not being shot at the rate of six times blacks are being shot at." -Gary Johnson
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Gary Johnson Defends Black Lives Matter to Skeptical Fox Hosts

Organizations Promoting #BlackLivesMatter

Organizations Against #BlackLivesMatter

My Stance

I support and agree with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I am tired of hearing about the unjustified deaths of black people. There is clearly bias and racism in the American criminal justice system, and the flaw needs to be fixed. It is concerning that young black kids are fearing for their lives from the police, when police should be the ones providing them with safety. I believe that non-blacks need to realize that they are not faced with the same circumstances as black people are faced with, and we need to let their voices be heard. The first step in moving forward would be to recognize the biased nature of the justice system.

#BlackLivesMatter fights for the justice of...

And many others.