Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary March 13, 2015

This is Ashley Rosenbalm's favorite quote!

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Mashburn Spotlight!!!

Helen offered to be a mentor for Mikayla and will meet with her to offer more support during this tough time.

Kim Johnson also found a mentor for Desmond. A dad of another student who lost her mom. Erin Watts was so happy Kim thought of this and hopes this can help Des open up about his feelings.

I love that these children are on the minds and in the hearts of many!

Your day starts at 7:40!

I am not a fan of whole staff emails addressing being on time for school but I know that we miss seeing people who come in on the side or back of the building. For the past two weeks, we have noticed MANY MANY people coming in after 7:40. Remember your day starts at school at 7:40 - to be in your spot! I am not talking about the occasional coming in at 7:40 because you had a flat tire. I am talking about those that are coming in most days after 7:40. You know who you are.. :)

What's coming up! (please share relevant dates with your parents)

Mar 13th - Honors Chorus Event, ER day, Denim and Diamonds

Mar 16th- This is now a school day, PLC meetings

Mar 17th - Milestone Night for parents

Mar 23rd- Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night, leadership meeting

Mar 30th - faculty meeting

April 2nd - Spring Pics

April 3rd- This is now a school day

April 6-10 - Spring Break

April 13th - Milestone faculty meetings training

April 14th - Dr. Bearden visiting 5th grade classes

April 16th - K-3 talent show 6:00-7:30

April 17th - 4/5 talent show 6:00-7:30

May 7th - upcoming Kindergartner Ice cream social 3:30-4:30 (drop in)

May 8th - Field Day

May 20th - Beach Day

Aug 4th - K bus roundup 9:00-10:00 and open house, meet and greet with their teacher

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Today we celebrated Michelle as our Teacher of the Year and we surprised Jonathan Brown! He won the award for Volunteer of the Year for the County!!!
The Forsyth County Fire Department is hosting a fire safety poster contest for all third graders. Click here for more information. The deadline is March 31st.

It's that time of year!

This is the time of year when we begin planning for the next. This planning includes gaining amazing teachers and sometimes allowing other to venture to new places to do amazing things....

Sally Bresnahan will be the SC teacher at Vickery Elementary. This puts Sally about 10 minutes from her house! She is going to gain about 45 minutes back everyday in travel! YEAH! We know she will ROCK it there!

Kimberly Zimmerman will be a 7th grade Math/SS teacher at Piney Grove. Piney is gaining an amazing teacher and we can't wait to see how she will make them even better.

Christie Ingram will be a community based pre-k teacher for the county. Christie will be able to use her strong knowledge of teachers and special needs students!