rhode island

who was the leader of rhode island

roger willams is the leader and he wanted the religion and goverment to be separte now only that he wanted you to be able to vote even if you didnt belong to a church.

geography and climate

they had subsistence farming because the rocky soil and the harsh weather and they also only grew enough for there family the shipbuiding we they also fished and timberd and they also whaled.

impact on enviroment on economy how does climate and geography impact them?

they had harsh weather and rocky soil so they had to rely on there natural resources because when you could farm they only had enough for there family they had no crops to sell or trade subsistence farming.

Why did they choice that area for settlement

They wanted religious freedom

What was the relationship with the natives

They like them people and thay also liked the trade like or the hides and stuff and they also though thyey could protect them

What was the home life?

They had to go do the natural resources like there jobs so they could make money an but food because they coulded get crops a lot because the harsh weather they could not farm a lot

What was the goverment?

They had a charter and they had relgion