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Consider A Vacation Rental San Pedro Belize For Your Vacation

Families and couples who are already getting ready for their winter vacation might want to consider a cozy island retreat this year. Getting out in the sun not only gives color to the face and body, but it exposes a person to the Vitamin D which is emanated by the Sun, absorbed through the skin, and helps curb depression, known as the winter blues. It just so happens that there is a perfect vacation rental San Pedro Belize.

Known popularly as La Isla Bonita due to the Madonna song from the 1980s, this truly is The Beautiful Island. San Pedro is the large city that takes up a good portion of Her southern half on this land mass. Unfortunately, like most places, this country has seen the impact of modernization, and now the city is lined up with condominiums, apartments, shopping districts, and restaurants.

The barrier reef is only a few miles off shore, and it makes this country a popular spot for avid deep-sea divers. In fact, anyone who is interested in taking on just about any ocean-going water sport will find this is the place to be. If you are not interested in viewing or catching the fish, you can still eat them at one of many world-famous seafood eateries.

Leave it to a people such as these to keep some beautiful hidden spots in the shadow of their over-urbanization. There are organized bicycling and even motorcycle tours available for individuals or couples. However, if one is traveling with the family, they might consider a good two-to-four-day hiking tour of the island.

Being only twenty-five miles long and five miles at the widest part, this island lends itself beautifully to hiking tours for families. Young people of nearly any age can enjoy this time away with their parents, siblings, and maybe grandparents. The hike itself is not terribly grueling, and it gives a visitor the opportunity to really get to know the people and customs of the region.

In the 1850s Central America and what is now Mexico were having a feud over the colonial habits of the Spanish. The Maya had been mostly evicted from the lands of their ancestors, and so erupted the very predictable Caste War of the Yucatan. A caste system which places the pale-faced European Spaniards over the common men and women still exists.

Most people world-wide are aware that Americans, for the most part, can speak only one language. It just so happens that most people likely located in the country of Belize speak both Spanish, and some form of English. For this reason as well, this is an excellent vacation spot for Americans to visit.

Caution should always be used when in public, and especially while visiting a foreign country. That being said, Ambergris Caye is a reasonably safe country for Americans to visit. This island is really too small for things to happen without authorities knowing, and this is a good thing at a time when Americans are not always safe to travel.

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