4C News

Friday, May 13, 2016

Field Trips

May 24th - Genesee Country Village & Museum - This is going to be a great trip! We have 7 parent volunteers to help guide our way through the village. Specific paperwork for the parent volunteers will come home next week. Attention All Families - There is a souvenir shop at GCV&M, but we won't be visiting. We are there for a very short period of time and the shop is too small to accommodate the number of students we bring. All students need to bring a lunch. Please let me know ASAP if your child is going to need a lunch from the cafeteria. All money and slips are due Monday!

June 7th - Palmyra for the Erie Canal - According to signupgenius, we have 3 parents joining us on our trek to Palmyra. This trip is free for all students and parents. Everyone will need a lunch! Contact me if you didn't sign up but you'd like to join us!

June 13th - Granger Homestead - This will be a walking field trip to Main Street. The focus of the trip will be on the Carriage Museums. We will leave school at 12:15 and return around 2:30. I am planning to have kids eat in the classroom before we leave. As a result, kids can still buy from the cafeteria or bring. Parents are welcome to meet us at school and walk with us!

June 14th - Onanda Park - Always the best trip of the year! More details to come as we get closer to the date. The fee is $1 for students and parents should plan to pay $1 at the door.

  • Permission slips for Palmyra, Granger, and Onanda are in a packet in your child's Friday Folder.
  • Parents who are meeting us at GCV&M, Palmyra, and/or Onanda.....I will send you a special paper that gives you the opportunity to take your child home directly from the field trip site. If this note or another note isn't turned in to the 4/5 office the morning of the trip, you can't take your child home. You'd have to come back to school and sign him/her out from the receptionist.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are well into Module 7. This week the kids have been taking the math placement tests for 5th grade and solving word problems with metric conversions. Next week we'll finish Module 7. At this point, it looks like the kids will take the final module assessment on Friday, May 20th. After Module 7, we'll work on In the balance tasks. It's a great mix of problem solving and algebra.

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ The children are working hard in module 6. In this module the students are working with decimals out to the hundredths place. They will be comparing them and adding them. We will also do some word problems involving money. This week we also took some placement tests for fifth grade.

Mr. Philipp's Class ~ This week the students received their fractions assessment. Please look for it in your child’s Friday Folder. Corrections can be made on a separate sheet of paper and turned in by the 20th. Students took a 5th grade math placement test before diving into Module 6: Decimals. Students discovered the relationship fractions and decimals have. Ask your child about our discussions in determining decimals when presented a fraction and vice versa.


We've spent some time over the past few weeks learning about the causes of the Civil War and slavery. In particular, the underground railroad and its conductors. Next week the kids will examine documents to learn and understand why women needed change.

You'll find your child's historical fiction picture book in his/her Friday Folder. Kids love to write stories! Including those Colonial America details in their stories was a challenge.

Next week we'll review the parts of a friendly letter as the kids will be collecting thoughts and details to include in their letter to Susan B. Anthony.


We are chipping away at our review for the NYS Science test. Next week we'll focus on friction, erosion & deposition, and types of energy. This week, Mrs. R. from the science center visited our classroom and the kids practiced measuring! Be sure to ask your child about the cereal box and the V8 Juice!