How to use dropbox

Mellayne R.


Have you've ever been on your eCLASS, and not know how to work a certain thing? Well this smore will teach you everything you need to know about drop box.
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Step 1

1st step is to log into your eCLASS. Your school is suppose to provide you with a login, and a password very much like the example above. When you are done typing up this information click sign in.
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Step 2

When you login your eCLASS. your page should look very similar to the example above. Now in order to get to your dropbox you must have access to your apps one of your apps specifically say "My eCLASS Course pages" click on that box
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Step 3

Depending on what school you go to, your course pages might look a little different. In the upper left hand corner of your screen it will say "My home" On the left of that button it will say your school name like the example above. If you click to the arrow pointing down you will see all the different teachers that you visit during the day.Click on one of them.
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Step 4

This is your virtual classroom! Here you will find two ways to get to your Dropbox. One way that is often used is clicking on the teacher desk. Or you can look in the upper left hand corner where it says activities, and it will be one of the options.
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Step 5

Which ever way you decide to go, a screen very similar to this will show up If your teacher have provided you a folder to put your file in then you would click on that. If not you will click "File Dropbox"
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Step 6

To add a file to dropbox click "Add a File"
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Step 7

To know that you have opened your file and it is ready to send it will show your document at the top like the example above, when you have seen that you can click "Submit."

Not enough Information?

See the one the county created if your still lost.