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Week of December 7, 2015

Calendar for the month of December

  • Monday, December 7 - Vertical Meetings
  • Tuesday, December 8 - Team Meetings
  • Tuesday, December 8 - PBS Party 2nd Grade
  • Wednesday, December 9 - Staci out
  • Wednesday, December 9 - PBS Party 3rd Grade
  • Thursday, December 10 - Spelling Bee 8:15 am
  • Thursday, December 10 - PBS Party 4th Grade
  • Friday, December 11 - RAH
  • Friday, December 11 - PBS Party 5th Grade
  • Monday, December 14 - Data Meetings
  • Tuesday, December 15 - Team Meetings
  • Thursday, December 17 - Staff Meeting
  • Friday, December 18 - Assembly 7:50
  • Friday, December 18 - Early Release
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Mandatory Training for all Staff

Mandatory for all campus staff:

  • Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student (29 -30 Minutes)
  • General Ethics in the Workplace - Texas Version (25 minutes).
  • Family Reunification (20 minutes)

If employees do not receive the email from SafeSchools, below is an alternate method to access the training:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in: firstname.lastname
  3. Click: “Log me in!”
  4. Click: “View more courses”
  5. Scroll to the courses click on title

Rasor's Vision

The vision of Rasor Elementary is to inspire our students to be lifelong learners and empower them to meet the challenges of the future, adapt to change, and exercise critical judgement, becoming global citizens capable of utilizing tomorrow's resources and technology responsibly.

Motto: Educate for success, inspiring excellence.

Love Packs for Christmas - There will 2 boxes for the break

Students who received Love Packs for Thanksgiving will also be getting them for the upcoming break, but please send names to Brandi of additional student who would benefit from this program.


  • If you know of a student who would be benefit from a mentor, please turn their name into Brandi.
  • Keep writing those spotlights and Good books...
  • If you drink coffee, please bring in a large container and/or $10.
  • Reading one million minutes has been extended, so motivate, motivate!
  • Please make sure to turn your attendance in on time.
  • Please join PTA...
  • Remember the Angel Tree children

Kudos! Kudos!

A very special thank you to Kathleen, Brandi, and Gloria for all there help cleaning up after sick students when our faithful Carla was out. Their willingness to jump in and get things done without concern for their own time, or cleanliness showed extreme team work when we needed it most. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Angel Tree...We still have quite a few names on the tree

Please don't forget to check out the Angel Tree in the teachers lounge. The deadline to bring wrapped gifts in is Monday, December 14. Please turn them into Brandi. Thank you for helping our kiddos!
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PTA has a sweet gift for us!

PTA invites the Rasor Staff to enjoy a sweet treat at the Holiday Cookie Cafe on Thursday, December 10 in the staff lounge. Come by at lunchtime for dessert, and fill a box with goodies to take home too! PTA wishes you a "sweet" holiday!

Career Day is Coming! Do you know anyone who would like to come speak?

Career Day, Friday, January 15, will bring to a close our College Week, which runs from January 11th through the 15th. If you have friends or family who you think would be great for Career Day, please let Brandi know.
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Important Information for Teachers Who Tutor for Pay

· A teacher may not privately tutor his/her own students for pay, and he/she may not use the school facilities for that purpose.

· District resources and materials may not be utilized for private tutoring.

· A tutor is not allowed to request assignments or any other information from the student’s teacher without written parent consent. The policy recommends that the information be shared directly with the parents, who can communicate that information to the tutor.

More information can be found at:

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Rasor Elementary

Rasor Elementary, with the community, will give us a safe, caring place to learn and reach our dreams.