Looking for a Professional Athlete

Professional Athlete duty.

A professional Athlete must work out every day to stay in shape. Athletes may also perform drills and practice with teammates to keep their skills fresh.

Qualifications and Training

- Have good eyesight

- Have good reflexes and coordination.

- Perform well under pressure

- Be competitive.

- be disciplined.

- Be prepared to travel a lot and/or relocate.

information about professional Athlete

Average Salary:

National Football League (NFL)$1.75 Million

how to become a professional athlete.

- Start playing sports early in life.

- Train rigorously.

- Keep your body in excellent condition.

- Earn good grades in school, so you're allowed to play on your school's team.

- Join teams and clubs dedicated to your sport.

- Try out for competitions and tournaments in your sport.

- Apply for scholarships for outstanding athletes in your sport.