Ms. Kilar's Class News

Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016

Valentine's Day and Sledding

We had a blast today!! Thank you so much to Mrs. Shepherd for organizing the pizza party and coordinating donations! Thank you to all the parents who donated so the students could have a pizza party!! Thanks to Mrs. Dougovito, Mrs. Lauria, Mrs. Shepherd, Mr. Kelso and Mr. Hoffman for stopping by Kiwanis to help out. The kids enjoyed an afternoon of sledding and snacks.

Then we returned to our classroom to exchange Valentine cards and have more snacks! The kids made great Valentine boxes and I really enjoyed seeing them all.

Thank you parents for all your help and support at home, this was a fun day for the students.


Parents I wanted to let you know that I need to move the Mini-Society date from March 11 to Tuesday, March 15. It will be held in the afternoon on the 15th from 1:30-2:30. I've been offered the opportunity to attend the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Education. This is a wonderful conference and the dates conflict with Mini-Society. Thank you for your understanding.

Language Arts

  • Reading: This week we continued to review main idea and supporting details in nonfiction texts. We also focused on different formats authors use when writing nonfiction articles like problem and solution or cause and effect.
  • Writing: We focused on revising and editing our persuasive essays. Some students started working on an iMovie to go along with their essay...just incase you parents need more convincing ;).
  • Grammar: We review modal auxiliaries, easily confused words, possessives, and irregular verbs.
  • We wrapped up Unit 3 with an assessment at the end of the week.


This week students continued to practice long division! They also worked through some challenging multistep problem solving situations involving several pieces of information and requiring more than one operation to solve. Tough stuff!!

Science and Social Studies

  • Science: This week we continued learning about how energy is transferred by electrical currents. The students made electric current "puzzles" for their classmates to "solve" by completing the circuit. We also read about how electric currents are stored and used.
  • Social Studies: With the short week, our focus was on Mini-Society. Students worked on posters, commercials and business cards. They have a lot of great ideas to promote their businesses.

Upcoming Dates

  • Feb. 12-15 - No school -Mid Winter break
  • March 2-3 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • March 1-9 - Swimming in the afternoon
  • March 15 - Mini-Society 1:30-2:30pm
  • March 16 - Last day of swimming in the afternoon
  • March 28 - Classroom Battle of the Books
  • March 30 - Final Battle of the Books

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - No School
  • Tuesday -Library
  • Wednesday-Gym
  • Thursday -Music/Library
  • Friday -Art


  • Spelling: New spelling list, and front and back of the spelling sheet.
  • Grammar: Review sheets front and back
  • Math: Worksheet
  • Battle of the Books: Keep reading those Battle
  • As always you can continue to have your child practice spelling on Spelling City and using Raz-Kids to practice reading fluency and comprehension and Moby Max to review math skills.

Battle of the Books

Wow! I can't believe how many of our students have finished their first book already this week. We even have two students who've read two books already! Keep reading! Please be sure to ask your child which Battle Book he/she is currently reading. Also, ask them about the book, have your child give you a summary and ask about the main characters. Remember students need to have three of the books read by March 28.