The Life Changing Event

By: Dakota Cannon

Swish! ''The Anna Coyotes score again!'' I thought in my head. My team was doing pretty good in our first basketball game so far. The game only had a few minutes left so coach decided to put in the stating team, which I was on. We were only ahead by four points to we could not afford a mistake. As I was thinking that my teammate lost the ball. I pounced on it but i had payed the price. Not know until the end of the season, I had blown out my knee.

About a month later I got an MRI. It tested for a torn ACL and a torn meniscus. I didn't really think it was that bad but when they told me I would need to have surgery I was shocked with fear. Just thinking about having big cuts and stitches on the inside and outside of my leg made me want to cry.

May 30, 2015, the big day, but if you asked me it would be the bad day. As we walked into the hospital I got a chill down my spine just by thinking of the surgery. After taking medicine to make me got to sleep I remembered waking up trying to get out of the car. Then from there I don't remember anything. My parents said I was doing all kinds of crazy stuff and trying to walk up the porch by myself but I didn't remember it. The first few weeks were tough but I was able to get through it in the end.

Around two months later I began physical therapy. At first it wan't that fun but after the first few weeks it got a bit easier. I quit physical therapy about five months ago because I had hurt my knee. Now I am happily recovering from my second knee surgery. The future looks pretty good for me now as I'm finally getting to participate in P.E.

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