Kraft Foods

By: Kamry, Frankie, Jacob

Mission Statement

Helping People Around the World to Eat & Live Better!

Kraft's mission is to provide fun, healthy food for people to enjoy. Their mission statement informs us that they care about their consumers. Their values are innovation, quality, safety, respect, integrity, and openness. They strive as a company to communicate with the world reassuring them they're a trusted company with their products.


W Anthony Vernon

Since October 1, 2012

List of Subsidiaries of Kraft

Battery Properties, Inc.

Boca Foods Company

Branded Restaurant Group Inc.

Capri Sun, Inc.

Churny Company, Inc.

Claussen Pickle Co.

Garland BBQ Company

Group Brands LLC

Kohrs Packing Company

KPC Foods, Inc.

Kraft Canada Inc.

Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.

Kraft Foods Bakery Companies, Inc.

Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC

Kraft Foods Group Exports LLC

Kraft Foods Group Holdings BV

Kraft Foods Group Holdings CV

Kraft Foods Group Holdings LLC

Kraft Foods Group International Holdings LLC

Kraft Foods Group Puerto Rico LLC

Kraft, Inc.

Kraft New Services, Inc.

Kraft Pizza Company

OMFC Service Company

Phenix Leasing Corporation

Phenix Management Corporation

Pollio Italian Cheese Company

Seven Seas Foods, Inc.

Tassimo Corporation

The Knox Company

The Yuban Coffee Company

Vict. Th. Engwall & Co., Inc.


  • Corporate
  • Factory Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Product Specialists
  • Project Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Research and Development
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Sales Representative

Salary: $37,763

Key Success Criteria:
. Customer service and selling skills
. Ability to perform sustained hard work in a fast-paced
work environment and meet the defined physical
activities, (lifting, bending, carrying, pushing,
pulling, etc.)
. Planning and organizing skills
. Strong interpersonal and effective communication skills
. Ability to act as business advisor to customers
. Creativity
. Problem solving skills
. Ability to work independently
Compensation: Salaried, sales incentive plan,
company car, excellent benefits
Company Car: Car and gas card provided


High School Diploma required, Bachelor's Degree preferred.

1. General/Basic Background in Functional Area - 1 year
2. Interpersonal, selling, persuasion and negotiating skills - 1year
3. Thorough knowledge of product characteristics, sales and marketing procedures - 1 year
4. Ability to apply financial data and profitability analysis.- 1 year
5. Understanding of the strategic and tactical aspects of merchandising programs - 1 year
6. Knowledge of industry and business trends - 1 year

Job Specific Requirements:
. Must be able to work a five day schedule that includes
early morning start times - 5:30am - 7:00am start time
. Must be over 18 years old with a Valid Driver's License with good driving record
. College Degree strongly preferred, but not required
Prefer candidate to live within reasonable commute distance
Prefer prior grocery, retail or sales experience
Technical/computer skills required - MS Office