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Intro to Photoshop

No prior experience is needed for this class. We will start with some basics like keyboarding and how to save and organize files. Learn some basic short cuts that work in most programs. In this class we will be doing a variety of projects to learn how to use the following programs.

Intro to Photoshop - graphic design and photo manipulation (subscription program)

· Resize or reshape photos

· Distort and manipulate photos

· Combining images for a panoramic photo

· Combining different images into one

· Make greeting cards, magazine covers and ads

· Add color to black and white photos

· Make new photos look old

· 2D animation (GIF files)

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Tinkercad - basic 3D design and printing program (web based, free)

  • Scaling 3D objects
  • Combining simple 3D objects to create more complex objects
  • Subtracting 3D objects from other objects to make holes
  • Designing useful or decorative 3D objects
  • Printing 3D objects that you have created
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Intro to Blender

Advanced 3D design and animation program used to make full length animated movies, video games, 2D and 3D art, 3D design and printing, very complete and full featured professional software; we will only be covering the basics (open source downloadable freeware)

  • Creating more complex 3D objects using a variety of tools and techniques
  • Animating objects and characters
  • Creating 3D scenes
  • Making short animated movies
  • Adding textures and materials to objects
  • Adding physics like wind and gravity to scenes and objects