Great Deal on Seller Financing!

$1,000 down, $400/mo for entire property

Investors & Fixer-uppers!

This duplex will pay for itself when you move into one story and rent out the other!
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Seller Financing at $1,000 down and $400/mo for 7 years buys this property!

Fix it up yourself, or have someone pay for it for you!

This is a fixer-upper in need of TLC that YOU can OWN for $1,000 down and only $400 a month for 7 years. ALL of this money goes toward ownership and pays off the loan we are giving you! No banks, No Realtors. What a great way to take over a home for under $1,500!!

ZERO bank qualifying. Discount available for all-cash offer.

Jonathan Dowler

I am a personal Investor and I own this home. More properties available.