Eagleville Elementary-Eagles Nest

Dr. Harmer Principal 5/1/20

Eagleville Staff Video Hello!

Eaglevile Weekly Update from Dr. Harmer

Hello Eagleville Families,

Thank you for the response to "Eagleville's Secret Life of Pets". Please check out the photos below for pictures of our furry friends. Next week is Crazy Hair week, so send me a picture of yourself sporting some crazy hair. Should be easy with all these home haircuts, :). You can Email pictures to kharmer@methacton.org

Teachers continue to put forth great content online in our Google Classrooms. Students and families are doing an awesome job juggling home, work, and fun. I have enjoyed seeing the work students are submitting in the classrooms. I hope students enjoyed Zooming this past week with teachers and friends.

Stay safe and #EaglevilleStrong!

A Few Important Reminders:

1. Students should mark themselves present in the Google Classrooms every school day before noon. Click the link for directions here.

2. Reach out to your teachers if you need assistance. Their office hours are posted in the Google Classrooms.

3. Make sure you join the special area Google Classrooms also. The class codes are below:

Kindergarten: fhj4mk3

First Grade: fptekeo

Second Grade: edrnzyp

Third Grade: ojeu4iv

Fourth Grade: qnabu6c

Please continue to be safe! I can certainly share that we all miss the students, and the joy they brought to Eagleville every day.

Congratulations Eagleville's Methacton Award of Excellence 2019-2020 Recipients Recognized at the Board Meeting on 4/29/20

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Kindergarten Registration Online

Beginning on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 10:00 AM, Methacton School District will begin an online process for Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-2021 school year. At that time, parents may go to methacton.org, and click on the link that will take them through the registration process. Please note that at this time, the process is intended for Kindergarten Registration only.

Google Chrome Extensions Parent Guide


There are two Google Chrome Extensions we would like to describe for your use at home. If your student is using a MSD Chromebook, these extensions are already available on the device. If you are using a personal device and would like to use these extensions, please see the directions below. Apple products, iPads, iPhones, etc., cannot use these extensions. Any extension is optional and not required for you to complete the work assigned, but it may make the lessons easier to manage.

24 Math Problems of the Week New Cards Below for 5-1-20

Math 24 is a mental math game that challenges you to use the 4 numbers on the card using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (Not necessarily all four operations every card) to get to 24. Your solution must use all 4 numbers and have three steps. You can only use the numbers once! For example:

Four numbers are 7, 1, 1, and 4.

Solution: Always give last step first: 6 x 4=24

Step One: 7 -1 =6

Step Two: 4 x 1 =4

Final Step: 6 x 4 =24


So now that you know how to play, try the attached cards, remember there are usually many different paths to get to 24:

Secret Life of Eagleville Pets

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School Counselor News

What do you do when you have extra time on your hands? Taking a mindful moment and embracing the moment allows you to notice and observe how you are feeling. So many mixed feelings have come up from life’s current situation. Consider watching the Sesame Street Town Hall at ​https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/25/app-news-section/cnn-sesame-street-coronavirus-town-hall-april-25-2020-app/index.html to allow your children to realize they may not be alone in their feelings. Or consider using the attached time capsule to document your feelings about these events and find a way to unveil it at a future date. You are always welcome to contact me when big feelings arise. Ms. Shaw, School Counselor, LShaw@methacton.org

Mrs. Cramer-School Nurse Office Hours