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February/March Review

The past two months have been action packed, we enjoyed celebrating Valentines day, 100's Day, and Read Across America. We have several fun events planned during the last few months of Kindergarten!

Save the dates because parents are invited. There will be more Information to come:

*Final Kindergarten Outdoor Forest Field Trip on June 10th

*Kindergarten Concert/Art Hop on June 2nd!

Reading Workshop/Book Bags/Tracking with their reading finger

PLEASE remember to send in book bags EVERYDAY! During Reading workshop time we are reading from our book bags and building our independent and buddy reading stamina. We also "shop" for our new books on Wednesdays and if your child does not have his or her book bag he/she will not get new books until the following Wednesday. Please read the books in your child's book bag at home a few times a week and communicate how proud you are of their reading, this goes a long way in helping your child become a life long reader!

Is it necessary to have the child actually point with their finger as they read?

"Yes, it is! The importance of the physical movement (kinetic process) in tracking can not be emphasized enough. Have the child use their 'reading finger' in the learning stage. Not only does this motion help en-grain necessary left-to-right processing but pointing at sounds also helps the child focus on and correctly process individual sounds within the word. It improves attention to detail as well as proper left-to-right tracking. Require physical tracking motion when teaching beginners and when remediating struggling readers. In remediation, if an older student perceives finger motion to be ‘babyish’ they can use a toothpick, pencil or another pointer of their choice but still require physical motion. If the student is making tracking errors or missing details, continue physical tracking.

Eventually the child will ‘outgrow’ the need for physically pointing at the letters. When the child has engrained the essential left-to-right processing of all sounds physical tracking no longer needs to be directly taught. The child can then drop the finger motion. As students advance in skills from initial phonologic processing to fluency they tend to appropriately outgrow and drop finger movement on their own. If the student has established strong phonologic processing of print, and does not make tracking or attention to detail errors, they have mastered the necessary directional tracking skill and can drop finger pointing." by Miscese Gagen

Writing Workshop- How to Books-Writing to teach others

We will finish up our "How To Books" during Writers Workshop. Our How to books have sequenced clear directions, and we are reading our books to our partners to check and see if they can follow the steps. Also, we continue to work on making our books easy to read making sure our writing has spaces, punctuation, phonetic spelling with beginning, middle and ending sounds, and neat handwriting. Our next writing genre will be persuasive writing, more information to come.


During Number Corner our students will Identify and name 3D objects in the environment. We will also name and describe 3D shapes and compare similarities and differences between 3D and 2D shapes. We will continue to work on on our addition and subtraction problem solving skills and addition and subtraction fluency within 5.
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