Miss Elsie Doling

by Oscar Alexander Sanchez Carrizales Sanchez Martinez

Passenger's Personal Information

Miss Elsie was born on a Monday thirtieth of October 1893 she was 18 years, 5 months, and 16 days in 1912. Miss Elise was traveling with her sister in law Ada Julia Elizabeth Doling who survived and Mr. Henry Price Hodges who died with the ship.

The Titanic

Tuesday, May 26th, 9pm


The Titanic was the largest ship in its time, Its shell had copper elements within, and at the time it had three areas one for first class one for second class and one for third class. Miss Elsie was in second class and the cost of the ticket was 34.93 US Dollars. The accommodation on the second class of the titanic were average not too small not too big.

Disaster and Rescue

thirty seconds before the iceberg hit the ones in the crow's nest were unable to see the iceberg until it was thirty seconds from impact luckily they were able to turn but the iceberg brushed the hull of the ship enough to flood more than three compartments and they didn't have enough life boats for all the people on the Titanic but the Carpathia almost made it to save the titanic but it could only save the survivors.

Life After the Titanic

Miss Elsie Doling returned to England Ada Doling, she married a doctor and had four kids in England, and Miss Elsie Doling died on march third 1972