The Aztec

Roles in society and what happened to the culture.

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What Happened to the Culture

Have you ever wondered what happened to the great and mighty Aztecs, well here is your answer. Spanish conquistadors and their leader Herman Cortes, with their superior weaponry and horses to conquer the Aztecs. It also didn't help that the Spanish had a surplus amount of soldiers. They had a little a help from some Indians that weren't particularly happy with the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed in human sacrifice and these were the families of the people they sacrificed. The Spanish also left a hint of Smallpox and Plague after they left. One thing the Aztecs made a mistake of is letting them in Tenochtitlan because the looked fabulous. That my friends is how the Aztecs got conquered.
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The Aztec Army

Ever wondered what fierce Aztec warriors were like, well here is your answer. Boys at very young ages were taught to fight. The goal for every solider was to become a knight ( but don't we all.). The Aztecs many object was to capture the enemies not kill them. Prisoners were either put into slavery or the sacrificed for the gods. There is what the Aztec army was like.
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Emperor Usuals

Ever wondered how the Aztec emperors lived, well here is how. Let's start out with the his palace it had 100 bathrooms, made out of adobe, and 50,000 square meters ( 538,196 sq. ft.). Trading for tax it occurred every 80 days, 6 months, and 12 months ( it depended). Everybody paid tax except for priests, nobles, minors, orphans, invalids, and beggars. He wore bejeweled tilmas and lionclothes. That is what an Aztec emperor usually did on a daily basis.
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Cortes's Attacks

Have you ever wondered how Herman Cortes defeated the mighty Aztecs, well here is your answer. Herman Cortes first attack on the Aztecs was in 1519 the arrived at the Mexican shore. They traveled many miles until the found the great city of Tenochtitlan on an island in the middle of Lake Texacco. The Spanish wanted this land and they sure did fight for it. It helped that there was a huge weakness in government when Montezuma II ruled. Montezuma II thought the Spanish were there for a friendly visit um no. Montezuma II and the Aztecs tried trading valuables but that didn't work. the Spanish finally left but then returned again in 1521. In 1521 you could say the Aztecs well they were a hot mess. During the battle the Spanish finally conquered the Aztec. Their empire became a Spanish colony. That my friends is how the Cortes conquered the Aztecs.
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Roles in Society

Ever wondered about the different roles in society according to the Aztecs, well here is your answer. The children's roles in society and education is were we will start. Boys and girls had the same education when they were younger but separated as they got older. Their adult life started in their mid-teens. Now we will do the macehualli or the common people. Their occupations the usually had were farmers, merchants, and other job in society that needed to be filled. They unfortunately were typically poor. Now we will do the pilli or nobility they were very wealthy. Their was a variety of vocations for the pilli. Those are the Aztec roles in society

Is it a complex civilization?

Yes it was a complex civilization. It was complex because they had to trade for tax why not just pay in coins. It was also complex because why did they have to sacrifice people why not just offer like cloth and other goods. I don't understand why the would let somebody into the capital because the looked good I mean that is just plain old crazy.