Marie Curie

by Yotzin Tzintzun

Early life

Marie was a very bright and intelligent student when it came to her studies. Her name was known as Marie Sklodowska. Marie had a bright and curious mind.


Marie was a very smart. In her secondary school. Later than she had continued her studies at Warsaw 's "floating university". From there she had gone to Paris and won a masters degree in 1893. That same year her sister before her.


Marie was the youngest of all the five siblings in her family. Both of her parents were teachers. Her father was a physics and math teacher. When Marie was 10 years old she had lost her mother because of a tuberculosis.


When Marie finished school she later worked as a tutor and a governess. Later as a scientist she started to work with radioactive martial. She also worked with Albert Einstein. She also started to work with Max Planck that same year in 1911.


Later after Marie started to work with radioactive material in 1903. She also became the 1st women to earn it. Later again in 1911 Marie had won another Noble Prize. This time it was because of her time in chemistry.

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