Tiger Family Newsletter Mar 8-14

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

I am happy to report that for the 2nd week in a row, we had 0 cases of Covid reported district-wide! It's exciting to begin to hope for a return of some of the activities that our students miss such as sports. Since we have moved out of the purple tier, the county health department is allowing schools to have some sports. 4th and 5th-grade softball is one of the allowed sports. There are restrictions, of course, but we are excited to be planning for it! I will share details as soon as they are available.

As I shared last week, we are also planning to partner with the YMCA to offer a summer enrichment program called Power Scholars. This program was very effective in the summer of 2019. With so many of our students experiencing learning loss as a result of the pandemic, please keep this option in mind as you meet with your child's teacher to set goals and create a path to success for your child.

Finally, as I mentioned last week, you guys came through and 60 of you completed our parent survey! I will share the results in detail with our Site Council at our next meeting. This is an open meeting (via Google Meets) and anyone can attend, but for now, I'd like to highlight a couple of celebrations. First, 92.9% of parents said "I like the school my child attends." This is hugely important to our staff. We love this school. We have chosen to be part of this school because we want to make a difference, and when our families feel the same way, that's when the magic happens. Secondly, and interestingly, the same percentage - 92.9%- of parents said they believe that parent input is valued at SM (another 7.1% said it is valued "most of the time"). When all members of the team feel valued and appreciated (students, staff, and parents), we can be incredibly effective.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold