SC Incredible Explorers

Ryan Beeker3C

Jean Ribault

Jean Ribault, happy about new land. He landed in Cofitachiqui, SC. He cam along the coast, from Florida. He landed there and built Charlesfort. He came from France. He came home to France to get things, but never returned to Charlesfort.
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Hernando De Soto

Hernando De Soto was from Spain. He traveled to Cofitachiqui, SC. He was looking for gold and silver. But, the Native Americans didn't have any. Then, De Soto stole most of the Native American's crops. He was behaving very badly, even though the Native Americans were nice to De Soto.
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Juan Pardo

Juan Pardo is from Spain. He also came to Cofitachiqui, SC. Like Jean Ribault, Pardo was looking for new land. He built a fort called Santa Elena. He stayed there.
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William Hilton

William Hilton came from England. He went to a island. He named it after him, Hilton Head. He went to Hilton Head to find rich soil. Before he went to Hilton Head William went to a island called Barbardos. He went there to learn how to grow crops and stuff.
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Henry Woodward

Henry Woodward came from England, like William Hilton. He came along the coast. He was searching for new land. He did just that. Woodward found very good land. He made a successful settlement.
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