Welcome Back

August 2018

Welcome Back!

I hope you all have had a relaxing summer! It is hard to believe that it is time to start back! I know many of you have been working hard getting your room ready for your students. It is looking good. We have had quite a few new students in the queue and are losing some. We are keeping a close eye on numbers. We have some grade levels sitting high and some low. It is always a guessing game. We never know how many will actually show up! Please read over the S’more carefully! It has lots of information in it! I am trying to share it electronically so we won’t have to spend too much time discussing it all together!

Homework for Monday-August 13th

Please take a few moments to create a powerpoint slide showing what you did this summer. You will be sharing your slide with a small group when we return on Monday! Can’t wait to see what adventures you have all had this summer. You can email your slide to Brenda(bsweeney@ccisd.net). Please email it to her by Friday, August 10th.

Welcome to our New Staff!

Lauren Sauer-1st grade

Lisa McCubbin-Resource/Inclusion

Sue Campanaro-5th grade

Nikki Clemmer-5th grade

Jamie Garcia-Special Ed Team Leader

Debi Akanwa-LSSP

Catherine Davis-Speech and Language Pathologist

Renee Berriman-SLL SC para(Julie Debaylo is now working at Armand Bayou in Pre-K)

Mitch Heyne-Tech(Helen was moved to Whitcomb)

Monique Luis-Learning/Technology Coach

We are still waiting on Lead Custodian

Clean Building!

Our cleaning crew worked hard this summer and the school is the cleanest I have seen it in a long while!!!! We still do not have a lead but our “substitute” lead has applied for the job and it will be hard to find better than her! Fingers crossed that it will all work out. We are due a strong lead and good cleaning crew! Casey and Aurora have been working hard and I believe they have hired another new person. I haven’t met them yet. Please email me with any issues you find in your room as you set up your room

Cafe News

In cafeteria news, Melissa will not be returning as our cashier. We are sad to lose her for sure! They are still looking for a replacement for her. Also, I received the bill for how much money was charged in our principal’s lunch account. It was around $930!!! Fortunately we had several donations and we received about $500 from students repaying what they borrowed. We need to work hard this year to remind students to bring their lunch money. Please consider sending occasional reminds and put it on your newsletter weekly. I believe the district is going to be sending emails and phone calls when a student’s account is low.

Goal Setting News

Goal setting will continue to be our campus goal. We will be focusing on student goal setting and teacher goal setting.

Student goal setting - Last year we dipped our toes into the water and with goal setting one of our district initiatives, we are going to go much deeper into goal setting this year! As a team, you will need to decide how you are going to track goals(folder, binder, etc) and what tracking sheets you will use. As a grade level, you will be consistent in your goal setting sheets that the students use when possible. You will have some time with your team next week to talk about this. Students will have an academic goal and a behavior/character goal. These goals will change throughout the year based on their learning progressions data. Your class will also have a character/behavior goal that they are collectively working on. This goal will be posted outside your door. We are going to remove the rocket retweets and will have a place for your class goal.

Teacher goal setting - You personally will have an individual professional and character goal and a team goal. We will assist you in coming up with these goals during our back to school week. The intent of goal setting is not to create more work on you but to help support students ownership of their own learning. This is a district initiative that will be around for a long time and the district is excited about each school this year developing team goals! We will continue to come up with plan that works well for us. We are going to create a folder on its learning to hold resources and examples of goal setting. We will have time throughout the year to meet with vertical teams to share how we are goal setting with our students. I am looking forward to seeing all the great things we will do!

Tech Tidbits

Some of you may have noticed that you are missing some technology(like lumens) in your room. The district’s tech team came in this summer and removed all tablets and obsolete equipment. If you had an old lumens then they took them. You will be getting a replacement soon. If you are in 4th or 5th grade, they were supposed to remove all desktops. I have walked the building but forgot to look at computers. Please let me know when you notice that something is missing. So glad Sue had you all take pictures of your equipment before you left!!

Don’t forget to email Mitch Heyne, our tech, when you are ready for your equipment to be set up. The sooner you let him know, the faster it will get done. He is also at Armand Bayou and they have been doing construction this summer so when they let them back in, he will be swamped!

Watch D.O.G.S.

We will be implementing the Watch D.O.G.S. program this year. This came from one of the recommendations of the district safety committee that Rosemary Lagrone was on. PTA will be helping to support this program but we will need your help with advertising and encouraging our dads(and moms) to volunteer. I will be attending an informational meeting on August 29 so more to come.

Air in Building

The air will be on the week of August 6th from 7:30-3:30 p.m. The air will be on Saturday the 11th from 8AM-3PM, Sunday the 12th from 10AM-3PM, Saturday the 18th from 8AM-3PM and Sunday the 19th from 10AM-6PM.

August 13th PD

8:00-8:30-Breakfast in Lounge-Chick fil A

8:30-9:15-Meet in Library-Welcome Back and sign up for trainings on Tuesday

9:15-Presentation by Tony Davila

Core Values/Bullying-Buckels

11:30-1:00-Lunch on your own

1:00-2:00-Technology Refresher

2:00-3:30-Team Time

Subject to Change!

Rest of schedule will be emailed later

Faculty Kids

Just a reminder that no children should be on campus next week. You may bring them Friday after lunch if you need to for Meet the Teacher. If you do bring them on Friday, they MUST stay in your classroom only for their safety! They may not be out in the hallways unless they are with you. We want to be considerate of those who will be working hard to get their rooms ready. Thank you!

Instructional Insider

New Time to Teach Document

Tuesday, August 14 PL

We will sign up for PL at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August13th

T-TESS Rubric overview-you will be trained on this Wednesday

School Safety Plan

Safety Documents and Resources

Instructional Grading and Reporting Procedures

New ELA resources

We are fortunate to be receiving some new ELA resources!

3rd and 4th will receive the Patterns of Power book. We are going to buy this for 1st and 2nd!

Big picture
Big picture

School hours 7:55-3:15 Tardy bell 8:10

Pre-K hours-7:55-11:10 and 12:00-3:15