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Discussion Is Important- Without iPads

Throughout the school day, the students discuss reading, writing, share ideas, and even discuss current events. Last week, students read articles in Time for Kids and chose an article of interest to discuss. They then met in small groups with kids who had similar interests of articles. The groups discussed what they got out of the article as well as shared expertise related to the topic.

Writing Narratives

Revision is becoming a daily activity for these writers, especially related to making vivid images come to life in our stories. There are writers in class who are using sticky notes to add description. Some writers are using apps to make notes about which parts to change, remove, or add to. We are really trying to write in a way that makes the reader feel as if he or she is right there in the moment with us.
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Reading is Collaborating About Characters

Sometimes it is important for readers to think of all of the small pieces of evidence that add up to a bigger idea about a character. We used our read aloud, Wonder, to look closely at Jack Will. In three groups, the readers worked with me first, then each other to come up with ideas about his actions and the motives behind them. Then groups looked for patterns in ideas and color coded them according to the type of behavior/action.

Getting Personal With Mrs. Jones

Over the weekend, my husband, in addition to other law enforcement officers for the Marion County Sheriff's Office (and other departments), had the honor of carrying the torch during the Special Olympics event at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. Mr. Jones and fellow officers first ran two miles, then my husband had the very special honor of helping Special Olympic athletes light the Flame of Hope to kick off the festivities. It was a proud moment for our family and one we will not forget.