Act 2 Summaries


Ditching the bro's for a lady friend

After the party ends, Romeo can't stop thinking about Juliet, so he ditches Mercutio and Benvolio and heads back to the Capulet house. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo after the party. They assume that Romeo is going to find Rosaline. Afterwards, they crack a lot of dirty jokes at Romeo's expense. Mercutio is offended that Romeo left them.

Talks of Love

The scene starts with Romeo watching Juliet, who is standing on a balcony. As he observes her, he compares her to the sun. Romeo listens to Juliet confess her love to him. After he hears her confession, he reveals himself to her and confesses his love. The two promise to marry one another.

Can I marry her?

The scene starts with Friar Lawrence giving a long speech about how all things have good and evil. Romeo enters the scene and tells Friar Lawrence that he no longer loves Rosaline but he loves Juliet instead. Friar Lawrence questions Romeo because Romeo had given so many tears up for Rosaline but in the blink of an eye forgot about her because of Juliet. Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that the girl he loves now returns his love, so Friar Lawrence agrees to marry them.

The messenger and the boy in love

The scene starts out with Mercutio and Benvolio talking about where Romeo might be. Romeo then comes into the scene, and he and Mercutio say a few jokes. Nurse enters the scene and Mercutio starts to speak to Nurse in a disrespectful manner. Mercutio and Benvolio leave the scene to Romeo stays behind to talk to Nurse. Nurse and Romeo then start to talk of the love between he and Juliet. Romeo tells Nurse everything and Nurse says that she will tell Juliet his compliments.

At the mercy of an unhappy messenger

Nurse comes back to Juliet with news of what Romeo had said to her. She is very hesitant to tell Juliet and continually avoids telling about the news. Shes makes up excuses about her headache or her very sore back. Whenever Juliet asks about the news Nurse scolds her and calls her impatient. Finally Nurse tells Juliet that she must go to Friar Lawrence’s cell because their is a husband there who is wating to make Juliet his wife.

The marriage is in sight

The scene starts off with Friar Lawrence and Romeo talking about the marriage. Romeo is talking about how perfect it will be and how perfect Juliet is. Friar Lawrence then tells him if they love each other too much too fast, that their love can burn away just as fast. Juliet then enters the scene and hugs Romeo. Juliet tells Friar Lawrence about the happiness of the marriage to come. Romeo and Juliet follow Friar Lawrence out of the room because they shouldn’t be left alone before being united in marriage.