Man Of The Year!

J.P. Morgan


J.P Morgan his real name is John Pirpont Morgan and he had a mustache and grey hair. He lived to 75. He was also chubby. His reward is a trophy that is art work.

What business did he achieve in?

He was a big banker and he was named the big banker.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages-
  • Leading Financial Firms in the country
  • Founded a banking company

  • Disadvantages
  • Tried new things a lot
  • Lost money


He would eliminate his competition and would reduce the wages.

Treat Workers

He would not treat them good they woud get treated bad. It was really dangerous. Most of the workers would get Black Lung and would survive over 50 years old. They would get 45 cents a day.

Spending money

He would spend his money on art work. He did not have a charity but he gave away his art work to museums.

Captain of Industry

He was a captain of industry because he didn't do anything bad and he gave his art work away.