Monkey Bread IMAGERY

Allright ! Yes , monkey bread !

I love the smell in my nose.

It' s yummy in my tummy.

The cinnamon smell makes me happy.

The bread does not looke like a monkey.

It is lots of bread balls baked together.

It sticks together.

My hands are sticky and delicous to lick.

I eat the whole thing , no sharing.

Love it with milk and reeces ice cream .

I' m happy and full.

Trick or Treating


I go trick or treating

On my special street.

I'm a football player,

I am dressed in layers.

Now give me candy to eat.

What am I ?

I am hard and soft.

I like to protect your head.

I 'm many colors.

What am I ?

Playing - Alliteration

Tayler tripped playing the trumpet.

Tayler tried to trip the trombone player,

But the trombone tripped Tayler.