About me

Dulce Estrella

My life

  • I started my life in June 26,2001 with a big brother,a mother,and a father.Five years later my new baby brother joined us all September 7,2006.
  • As usual for a kid I started going to school and somehow ended up here.
  • My interests lately have been music,tennis,and the necessary things like breathing,eating,drinking,and sleeping.

My favorite things


I like playing tennis.It gets me active and energitic.
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I really have an interest in weather lately.In fact when I grow up I want to be a meteorologist.That would be my dream job.


T.v entertainment

Bible verse

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Jesus loves me that I know,for the bible tells me so.


In my free time I do American Sign Language.I never know when I might need it but I know a bit in just in case.
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