Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The character's appearance

Zero is character in the novel Holes he is African american, has dark curly hair,is short and has a wide mouth.

The character's actions

Zero digs holes in Camp Green lake. pg 19 Also has no name so they call him Zero because he has nothing in his head. pg 19 Zero wants to learn how to read and write. pg 82 Also Zero was the fastest digger. pg 69

What the character says

Zero said that he likes digging holes and that he wants to keep digging holes. pg 58 Zero never herd of a nursery rhyme. pg 78 Also he asked Stanley to teach him how to read and write. pg 82

What others say about him

The Councillor says that Zero never has anything in his head. pg 19 Stanley doesn't like it when Zero reads over his shoulder. pg 81