Last one died. Need a new one.

Qualities Needed

If one wishes to become my personal Samurai, one must fit the qualities i request. I cherish my values very much, my Samurai must also do the same and treat them as if they were their own values. Respect is key. I am not looking for someone who talks to me with attitude or with others. MUST respect me, family, neighbors and others. Bushido is required, do not attempt to apply for this position without this knowledge. Their will be weapons involved, if you wish to use them you must be a weapons expert. Classes, and mastery are required. Weapons that will be used include: Bows, arrows, spears and guns. Honor is something very important, to this family, generation and me. Without honor, you are nothing. I should not have to ask weather or not you have any background knowledge on the Samurai history for you should already know this.

Apply HERE

or call 1-800-Samu-Rai1