Hold Me Tight

A Couples workshop for parents

A couples workshop for parents of attachment challenged kids

The Hold Me Tight Workshop is designed to give you a weekend away to connect with your spouse. The workshop will teach you how to:

• Address stuck patterns and negative cycles

• Make sense of your own emotions

• Overcome loneliness

• Repair and forgive emotional and physical disconnection

• Communicate to develop deeper understanding and closeness

You will strengthen your bond through private exercises with your partner, didactic lessons, and video demonstrations of couples that have moved from distress to connection.

Hold Me Tight for parents of attachment challenged kids. BEGINS:

Friday, March 21st, 6pm

3406 American River Drive Sacramento CA, Suite D 95864

March 21st, Friday: 6-9 PM

March 22nd, Saturday: 10-5 PM

March 23rd, Sunday: 9-1 PM

Parenting is hard, especially if your child(ren) is attachment-challenged. It's easy to put your needs second in the face of your child's behavior and reactivity. You can end up feeling crazy, exhausted, angry and--in your worst moments--hopeless. Raising an attachment challenged child strains a marriage and the need for your spouse to be a refuge is intensified. This workshop is based on an award winning approach to treating couples distress. You will walk away with the tools to connect with your partner no matter how challenging your life might be.
• The cost of the workshop is $300.

• In order to register call The Attach Place at (916) 403-0588.

• Child care will be provided upon request and for an extra fee.

• Snacks and a list of nearby restaurants will be provided.

Thank you!