Friday Coffee Chat

Friday, February 12th, 2016

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Hostess Coaching Like a Champ!

Hi Trendsetters!

In lieu of a full Friday Coffee chat newsletter this week, I am going to include some amazing hostess coaching tips from one of my amazing pacing partners Gina Bogda! Here are some top tips from the best of the best, all in ONE PLACE!

We should always be prospecting to book new shows! But once those shows are booked, what's next?

It is super important for YOU to take control of the invite system. Have the MINDSET that you are the expert and use it! It's easy for us to just rely on Facebook or text or let the hostess send her own invites, but from my experience, this will most likely result in a cancelled show or a very low turnout!

Our GOAL for each show is to invite 40! By doing this, 10 or more will attend, approx 2-3 will place outside orders and you will have $1000 in sales! No magic, just numbers!

Here are Gina's best practices:

Step 1: Enter show in Lounge, personalize the invite, send the Hostess save the date email and send Hostess confirmation e-mail
Step 2: Hostess packages
Step 3: Making sure we have 40 in the system
Step 4: Reminder examples, red stamps, and texts
Step 5: After the show

Following these steps will be your BEST way to get your show to $1,000-- our company's average. Here we go!



Step 1 - Getting Started!

There are 4 parts to getting started! All 4 parts of step # 1 shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete!

Step # 1, Part 1: Enter the show into the Lounge

It's basic but SO important, so do it immediately! Enter the trunk show into the Lounge ASAP!

Does your Hostess know that AS SOON AS you enter a show into a Lounge, the show is open for business? Her guests can start shopping immediately. Once an order is placed, it ships within 1-2 days regardless if the show hasn't happened yet. Plus, the show automatically remains open for 3 weeks after the show date. Let's maximize this window for orders!

Step # 1, Part 2: Personalize the invitation

Personalize the online Stella & Dot invitation! You can find cute, seasonal invites to personalize for your hostess under the ACTIONS drop down menu after selecting your hostess' trunk show!

Step # 1, Part 3: SEND the SAVE THE DATE email!

I do this with every hostess. I send her this email (see below) with instructions on how to forward the SAVE THE DATE and COPY ME when she forwards it.

If I have booked the show in tight, this SAVE THE DATE simply turns into a YOU ARE INVITED. I continue with my same steps.

I then will take care of the invites for her show by using those email addresses and pop them into our INVITE SYSTEM! Super easy ! When I do this, my shows are way more successful!

I give the hostess 48 hours to forward it out before I send her a reminder!

1. I always friend my hostess on FB so I can reach her via FB message as well since not a lot of people check email everyday!

2. I encourage her to give my ANY emails she has. You may get resistance! Even if there are 10-20 emails, I want them. :)

Here is my example of my SAVE THE DATE!

I use this same email format for all of my save the dates. Below is my exact text plus I add some cute photos to make it look nice. Important note: Be sure to completely erase the trunk show link below and not just back-space, as the original URL stays intact. Then completely paste or type in your hostess' link.

Save the date for

Deya's Stella & Dot Show

Thursday, March 26

7:30-9:30 pm

Hosted by Deya Warren

add her street address & city

Come see what all the buzz is about, as we check out

Stella & Dot's NEW 2015 collection of jewelry, handbags and more.

The more the merrier too!

Online invite to follow.

Come see what all the buzz is about!

Everything ships to your door in less than a week in adorable gift packaging!

Visa, AMEX, MasterCard welcome!

Want a sneak peek or can’t make it? The online shop is open now!

Or contact our stylist, Gina Bogda 908-591-6329 or

Step # 1, Part 4: Send Hostess confirmation email

After I forward this to the hostess, I send her THE HOSTESS CONFIRMATION email from our Stella & Dot invitation system. This Hostess confirmation email will confirm with your confirm the show's date, time and location. It will also give her instructions to access her hostess account and give tips for a great show!

Step 2 - Hostess Kits

You've booked your show, entered it into the system, e-mailed a Save the date and sent the Hostess confirmation letter.

Next-- hostess kits!

Give your hostess the right tools to make the most of this show!

Watch my video on how I do hostess kits! I include the following this packet in a Stella & Dot folder. I use my business supply credits to purchase all of these items. If you don't have many credits, you can certainly streamline my system to work for you!

  • 3 look books
  • 3 order forms with a note that reads a fun challenge "Collect 3 outside orders and get a pair of studs for free from me!" (optional)
  • 1 hostess planner
  • 1 Opportunity booklet- always!!
  • Cute S&D Stickers to mark their favorites
  • A hostess letter
  • Monthly Specials (if they are available to include)
  • Printed invitation (either paper, 4x6 photo print of SD invite, Red stamp print out)

Why do we include an Opportunity Guide?

Why not?!? Your hostess already loves Stella & Dot...maybe she'd enjoy doing what we do!

How duplicatible is this cute little note on the Guide!


Congratulations on your decision to host a Trunk Show!

I am so excited about our jewelry and accessories and I know your family and friends will love it too! My job as a Stylist with Stella & Dot is to make sure that your experience hosting a Stella & Dot soiree is easy, fun, and stylish. That’s why I’ve put together these simple steps to help you plan your party and earn hundreds of dollars in free and discounted jewelry. Remember, you can earn up to 25% of your trunk show’s retail sales in free jewelry …all paid for by Stella & Dot. Now tell me, who doesn’t want to make the most of that opportunity?!?

I've included some goodies & tips to help you prepare for your show:

• A Look Book for you (start picking your favorites and to show your friends!)

• Paper invitations (give these to friends, neighbors, etc to spread the word!)

• A few Order forms for outside orders (they can also order on-line ~ see below)

• Our trunk show specials for the month (if we have them for that month)

Keep it Simple

Everyone will be so busy trying on jewelry and socializing you really don’t need to worry about a lot of food and drink, so don’t stress about what to serve. Coffee & muffins for morning show or open a bottle of wine in the evening with some cheese and crackers and let’s indulge our inner princess!


It is my job to help you get as much FREE jewelry as possible and it only takes 4 guest orders for you to earn your hostess rewards! You should expect that only 1/3 of the girlfriends you invite will be able to attend, so invite everyone you know who deserves some quality “girlfriend” time and ask them to bring a friend too (and don't forget your neighbors!)

I will be emailing you a Save the Date if I haven’t already, and then will follow up with our personalized email invitations. If you are on Facebook, we can create an “Event” so you can reach even more people! (Facebook shouldn’t be used as the primary form of inviting guests due to its limitations on notifications.) If you add me as a host I can add photos, etc to make the event exciting! I also provided you with printed invitations to hand-out to friends. I will be in touch with you within the next few days to see how I can assist you with your party planning and to answer any questions you may have.

Prep your Guests

Even if your friends are home-party veterans, they may have never been to one of our Trunk Shows! Let them know what to expect. No formal presentations, no gimmicks, just fun trying on our fabulous Stella & Dot pieces. And no obligation to buy!

Outside Orders

To maximize your hostess rewards, be sure to give anyone who cannot attend an invite & order form so they can place an order. They can also visit my website to place an order. As long as they enter your name as the hostess, it will count towards your credit. Shipping is $7.95 per guest order and items are shipped directly to your girlfriend and arrive in less than a week. The party will close online 3 weeks after the date of your party, so keep collecting orders and spreading the word, even after your actual party!

I will plan to arrive at your house about 30-40 minutes prior to the start time. If you could have a table, preferably near the food and drink, for me to display the jewelry that would be great! Should you need anything between now and the Trunk Show, do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Stylist, Gina Bogda 908-591-3329

And remember, of course you deserve it! (And so do your girlfriends)!

Step 3 - Making Sure We Have 40 in the System

Get 40+ gals invited!

Now that we have entered the show into the Stylist Lounge, sent the confirmation email, save the date and hostess package, it is time to really dig in and make sure your hostess is excited and understands our goals for the show!!!

I check in with my hostess with CALL # 1 after I know that she has received the save the date email and kit. I want to get her excited!! What pieces does she love?? What is on her wishlist? We need to get guests in to the door to earn her those freebies, so it's all about the 40 and 10 now!

Your hostess should have forwarded the Save the Date on to her guests and copied you in on it. It's time to now take those emails and pop them into the INVITE system! If she hasn't forwarded it yet, this call is to encourage her.

Sometimes you may have a hostess that only invites 10 or 15 or 20....our goal?? 40! We, as experts, have to talk the hostess through inviting more and get her motivated! Many ladies don't understand that only about 1/3 to a 1/4 of guests actually attend. This is normal, so a show that only invites 15, may only get 3 guests! Share with the hostess that will not be enough to get those fabulous pieces on her wish list!!! Who doesn't want FREE goodies??? Be honest!

Need tips on how to add more guests and talk hostess through inviting more? Use the Social Mixology Sheet (found on the trunk show planner, in Stellaverse and below). What a great cheat sheet for brainstorming the different social circles to invite!

Step 4 - Reminders

It is so important to stay in touch with your hostess throughout the invitation process. During the two weeks leading up to the show, be in contact with her a lot. Send fun pictures to her, friend her on FB and get her pumped and excited!!! I remember Danielle Redner telling us at Hoopla a few years back that you want to become BFFs with your hostess. so get to know her! This way, when you walk into her home on the night of the show, you feel as comfortable as if you are in the kitchen of a good friend!!!

Here is when I send REMINDERS to GUESTS!

1. I set up the invite in our system to send a AUTO reminder ONE week before!

2. FOUR days before the show, I send a PERSONAL email to all guests from my own email account. I introduce myself and let them know how the show is going to run.

3. ONE day before the show, I send a TEXT reminder to the hostess using RED STAMP and have her text all her friends a quick messages.." Hey ladies! can't wait to see you tomorrow (or tonight!)!!! Hope you can swing by!”

I always call my hostesses a few days before her show (and sometimes twice during that week before). I want to go over everything and get her super excited once again. We talk about that wish list and texting out the reminder to all guests again!

***Don't be nervous to OVER REMIND! People are BUSY!!! I always get ladies thanking me for the last minute reminders!!! Remember you are in CONTROL! You are the EXPERT!

Email to GUESTS FOUR days before.....

Hi ladies,
It's Gina Bogda, your Stella & Dot stylist. I am looking forward to meeting so many of you at Cynthia's house on Tuesday morning! It will be a casual morning with baubles & bags. So please, swing by to grab a cup of coffee and check out the jewels. I'm bringing our hot off the runway NEW SPRING COLLECTION…and with more than 50% of the line under $50. There are LOTS of incredible options to wear now AND then carry into the SUMMER! If this is your first Stella & Dot trunk show, then I can't wait to introduce you to our brand!

If possible, RSVP so Cynthia may get an approximate guest count.

If you can't make it and would still love to shop, you have 2 options: Send me your address and I can mail you a gorgeous Look Book OR go online to shop at BOTH! Either way, Cynthia will receive credit for your purchase.

See you Tuesday!



During my final Hostess coaching call before her show—I have several points that I ALWAYS review with her.

  • Letting her know how excited I am about her show!
  • Ask her to tell me about some of the guests coming!
  • Tell her I’ll be at her place 30-40 minutes prior to set-up.
  • I ask her—“Hey tell me, when girls come over your house – where do they usually hang out?” I NEVER ASK—WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO SET-UP! I know from experience that I want to be in the middle of the action. So, if ladies always hang in her kitchen, I say that I will squeeze into the kitchen on her table and counters and it will be great!
  • I let her know that once everyone gets there, I'll quickly go over a few things about Stella and Dot (shipping, new pieces, etc) for only 3-4 minutes! The whole point is for everyone to try on. AKA-- GROUP HELLO!
  • I tell her that my only job for her is to play with the jewelry! The more you try on as a hostess, the more your friends will follow as well. My most successful shows are ones where the hostess is really involved.
  • I suggest that she wear something that will make it easy to try on lots of different pieces.
  • We talk food—KEEP IT SIMPLE! Something sweet, something salty and whatever her friends like to drink.
  • I’ll be sending her a cute text reminder the night before and ask her to forward and share how excited you are to see everyone later. Individually reach out to anyone you have not heard from - this is a great way to increase attendance!
  • I mention that one of my goals at every show is to book other shows and ask if she knows of anyone specifically who I should ask at her show.
  • And most of all….have a great time! It is my experience that the hostesses who have fun, chat, and try everything on end up having more successful shows and earn more for free

Step 5 - After the Show

Did you have fun at your show? Did your hostess love it? After every show, I evaluate how it went and how my hostess coaching was-- did I do the best I could? Any areas where I can improve? This is how we learn and get better!

And guess what? Despite the actual trunk show ending, it isn't OVER! As you know, our shows close automatically 3 weeks from the trunk show date! Operation outside order can be huge!

I always send a THANK YOU email to all guests (yes, maybes, no's) the day after!

My GOAL---always get my show to PURPLE! $1000 even if we leave at $600...I will work it with the hostess!!

- I continue to challenge the hostess to collect outside orders!

- I send a thank you email after the show!

- I leave books with the hostess to bring to work and give to friends/neighbors

- I follow up with each guest individually after they receive their goodies!!!

PERSONAL SERVICE!!!!!! That is what we do!


Last Call for Deya’s trunk show!

Thank you to everyone who attended Deya’s Stella & Dot show last night! It was a blast! I loved meeting so many sweet and fabulous women - one of my favorite perks of being a stylist for Stella & Dot! Your orders are in the system and your jewels will arrive in 3-4 business days in YOUR MAILBOX packages in our adorable branded Stella & Dot gift boxes. I know you are going to be delighted!

If you missed the fun and still want to shop, it’s not too late! There is still time to shop the show online and brighten up your style for spring or summer. Head to Deya’s online shopping link at . Call or email me too and I’m happy to help you with any questions you may have!

You can also get a little style inspiration online:

I hope to see you again at another trunk show soon (or just out and about)! I'd love to share the jewels with your group and meet some other great gals. I mentioned this to a few of you, but if you did want to grab some ladies together this spring, I have some April dates available, morning and evening! Or if you are looking to make some extra money, need a fun outlet, or just cannot get enough of the jewels….Stella & Dot is hiring!! I’d love to chat with you about how Stella & Dot could be a fun fit for you!

Thanks again!



(I will attach picture like Trunk show exclusives or other featured items)

Some fun images that I have collected to include in your messages to guests!


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Sky Full of Stars Call Week 2!

Thanks for co-hosting Annie Elizabeth and Serina Manek and for sharing all your tips on Maximizing trunk shows through Hostess Coaching, Check out chat and Group hello.

Missed it and want to catch up?

Week # 1 and week # 2 ZOOM chats were recorded and posted in this event page!

And Week 2's Challenge:

1. Follow 2242 this week and track on your tracker between now and our next call on Tuesday - so 14 reach outs as a minimum - share your results with your sponsor or on team page!

2. Practice your Group hello and post a video of your recorded group hello on our team page or share with your sponsor! !

3. Maximize your next trunk show with your Group hello and check out chat! Be intentional and share with your sponsor!

4. Join Tomorrow nights MEGA Booking Blitz from home office to book 2 more Feb shows and be entered to win prizes!

5. Go back to all past hostesses and offer Stylist Opportunity/invite to Sunday's Virtual Stylist Sneak Peek!

Week # 3 chat with Associate Director Sandy Jamieson as co host:

Tuesday Feb 16th at 830pm EST (recorded as well!)

ZOOM link for 2/16 will be

Sponsoring Help - Weekly Opportunity Events are coming your way!

You may have noticed since coming back from Director's Summit, I have partnered with some of my pacing partners (and now dear friends!) Sarah Loftus, Samantha Ballard, Andrea Seeney and Gina Bogda - the Dream Chasers - to offer our teams WEEKLY, online chats that we have called: Stylist Sneak Peek: Learn More About Becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist.

These will take place Sunday evenings at 9 PM EST and can be used as a tool for you to invite your potential stylists to on a regular basis. I just set this week's up, and will be inviting those of you who I know are interested in sponsoring.

If you have a goal of growing your team and your income this year, if you have a goal of earning the trip to Costa Rica, if you have a goal of promoting to STAR and beyond before Hoopla than sponsoring is the ticket to do so! This is a tool that you can utilize weekly and invite your potentials too!

**Please note - when you invite a potential stylist, please make sure you reach out directly to them and let them know you invited them - do not invite the same potential over and over again if they are not responsive and not attending the event! You will sponsor through connections so make sure you have connected with your potential, that they understand what they are being invited to, and then jump on the Live Chat with them so they feel supported by you and our community from the beginning! This will help you sponsor!!**

I have created a thread on our Trendsetters Facebook page, so please comment there to let me know if you would like to be added to this PRIVATE event (you need an invite to view it) and team leaders please make sure your teams are invited to this Stylist Sneak Peek if you know they are interested in sponsoring!

Weekly Training and Tips you do not want to miss:

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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

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