Investigate e-Portfolio

My technology design cycle report

Problem Define

The problem is students can't easily access the work they produced and demonstrating their progress.Also, students uses lots of paper and lots of student throw it or lost it. If we use e-portfolio its easier to sharing our work/ increases, and also its easy to show our progress.

Design Brief

My task is to investigate portfolio and E portfolio and design, plan and create your own e portfolio to show case your academic work and demonstrate your progress over the year and evaluate the effectiveness of this product.

Definition of e-portfolio

A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas. The collection must include student participation in selecting contents, the criteria for selection; the criteria for judging merit, and evidence of student self-reflection.

Design specification

The product i create must :
  • Be free
  • Assessable to variety of computer or electronic devices
  • Be able to store word produces in all class
  • Contain section/pages for all MYP subjects
  • Have a homepage with name, something about yourself, photo of you and links to all subject.
  • Be able to store work produced in all classes (art work, video, music)
  • Be able to store work produced in all classes (Texts, images and sounds)
  • Be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.

Test Method

I will test my product by let 5-10 classmate to check my product between September 16 an 18 my classmate will test my product by the following criteria.

  • Is the product able to access by laptop, tablet
  • Is the product understandable

I will test my product on the 18th September 2013 using survey( Gizmo)

The testing group will conduct of 5 classmate: Max, Dara, Muy, Hour and Chae won.

E-Portfolio- Who uses them and Why?

Lots of people use E-Portfolios because can provide a means for assessment based on evidence of an individual’s growth over time and effort.Electronic portfolios directly relate student work to the defined standards or criteria.He organized presentation of their material allows a student to submit work.

Different stlyes of E-portfolio

Developmental Portfolios: demonstrate the advancement and development of student skills over a period of time. Developmental portfolios are considered works-in-progress and include both self-assessment and reflection/feedback elements.

Assessment Portfolios: demonstrate student competence and skill for well-defined areas. These may be end-of-course or program assessments primarily for evaluating student performance.

Showcase Portfolios: demonstrate exemplary work and student skills. This type of portfolio is created at the end of a program to highlight the quality of student work.

Hybrids: Most portfolios are hybrids of the three types of portfolios listed above. Rarely will you find a portfolio that is strictly used for assessment, development or showcase purposes. Occasionally, you may come across showcase portfolios that do not show evidence of self-reflection, rubrics for assessment or feedback.

Example of Student's E-portfolio

This an example of the student Portfolio: